Letters to 2015: March

Dear March,

Finally you are here. The first month of spring. You have dragged February behind, and now you will be here for us with (hopefully) warmer temperatures and the first blossoms of the year. Although I am allergic to pollens, I love spring. I love flowers, and I love temperatures above 10°C. However, this month seems to be quite hectic for me. I have a lot of reading to do. Plus, I will travel to Barcelona from the 17th – 20th of March. But when I come back, I want to start writing my Bachelor. Then, I will have time until the 29th of April or so.

In the meantime, I am also waiting for answers from AIESEC for an internship. I have already had a skype interview with someone from China, but I am supposed to have another one with the manager soon, but there occured some time zone problems. I hope everything will work out this month with AIESEC and I will have a clear answer about that internship. It can be quite annoying if so many things swirl around your head.

I also have to say sorry in advance, for I know that I won’t be online so often this month. I won’t have time for blog posts in the following 8 weeks or so. Please don’t give up on me if you won’t hear anything from this blog. I ensure you that I am still alive and continuing with this blog.

My only wish now is to welcome May soon, because that means, that I will be finished with my Bachelor. Can’t wait!




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