Letters to 2015: February

Dear February,

You are the only month I utterly fear every year. Even before December, I start thinking about you and your cold days of snow, ice and wind. This year, it is worse than last year. The winter is hard, and every time I go outside, I am about to cry and minutes away to despair of the cold air blowing in my neck and my ears (although I ALWAYS wear a bonnet). So I am really happy that you are quite short – well, to be true only 3 days shorter.

Anyway, except for the weather, you are also the month of all the lovey dovey couples out there. I don’t have anything against couples, but in my opinion, Valentine’s Day is a commercial invention trying to fool all the blind-of-love couples every year in the unfortunate month of February. So February is not only playing with the weather, but also with our hearts.

Ah yes, almost forgot another uncomfortable thing about February: It is the month of Carneval (or Fasching or Fasnet as it is called in Germany as well), thus the month for all the grown-up people to have a reason to act like a child by dressing into ugly costumes with ridiculous make-up paired with a lot of alcohol and bad music, all displayed in parades or partys in which under-aged girls lose their virginities to drunk, perverted over-aged men. It is just disgusting!

So, my poor sister had to be as unlucky as to be born in the most horrible month of the year. Her birthday is on the 16th, so 2 days after Valentine’s Day. Strangely, a lot of my good friends and nice people I know were born in February. I think if I were to have my birthday in that month, I would change it :’D Strangely enough, the beginning of February was a mixture of embarassemtn and good happenings. Yesterday for example, I helped my friend by interpreting for her marriage plans. And I celebrated a good friend’s birthday in a bar after uni :) It was a fun start, and I hope it will continue to be that fun in the following weeks.

My goals for this month are especially to successfully finish my exams and start my bachelor thesis.




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