Barcelona Travel Plans

I might have mentioned that I will be going to Barcelona in March for 3 days to visit my friend there who does her Erasmus. My sister is also going to join. Or should I rather say that she organized the trip :D

Before I will be too occupied with my Bachelor thesis in a few weeks, I wanted to make a travel list with sights and places I want to visit there. Let’s start:

Disclaimer! These pictures are not mine. They all have been found on google.

1. Park Güell & Casa Museu Gaudi:


This park was designed by Gaudi and it looks like gingerbread world to me *o* with the beautiful rooftops. I think I will take a lot of pictures here. I can already see it coming.


And this is going to be my future house. I mean, it is pink and it is hidden behind a ton of palm trees. If we can visit the house, I would really like to go in.

2. Sagrada Familia


This was also designed by Antoni Gaudi, and in fact it isn’t finished yet o.O It has been under construction for 100s of years. So overwhelming.

3. Mercat de la Boqueria (Food Market)


This is one of the sights I am soooo excited about. It is all about food. Cheap food. A lot of food. A lot of cheap food. I have to be there *o*

4. Las Ramblas und Placa Catalunya

Catalunya_Barcelona1_tango7174 La-Rambla-barcelona

These places seem to be like the center of Barcelona, so I guess we will definitely get around this place somehow. It connects the promenade with the harbour. I think here might be some nice restaurants to eat at. Can’t wait :)

5. Fairy Bar (El Bosc de les Fades)


I wanna go there soooooo soooo bad!!! I have seen this bar in a german youtuber’s vlog and it looks like a dream. Perfect for me. The adress is: Museo de Cera, Passatge de la Banca, 5, 08002 Barcelona,Museo de Cera, Passatge de la Banca, 5.

6. Font Magica and Montjuic



This is also going to be one of the sights I will take hundreds and hundreds of pictures, probably even videos. I heard that it looks amazing on new year’s eve. This fountain is in Montjuic which is a mountain. I also want to see the mountain, but I won’t climb up there. I am not a mountain person I guess :D There is also a castle up there I think, but I looked at the pictures on google, and they don’t look like they were worth seeing, so I guess we could skip that part. Hey, btw: it is a rhyme: fountain and mountain :D

7. Casa Batllo


This building looks amazing!!! I am already in love with this *o* This is also in the Placa de Catalunya, so I definitely have to go there now!

8. Camp Nou


Our hotel will be at Camp Nou, so we will probably have a look at the stadium as well. I wonder if we can also go in as tourists just to look at the empty stadium. I don’t think that I will go to a match there, because I heard it is expensive as f*ck. And my sister and friend are not the biggest football fans. Still, I would like to see the biggest stadium in Europe.

9. Parc de la Ciutadella & Arc de Triomf


OOOOO EMMMMM GEEEE!!!! This looks like a dream! Seriously, this is how I would imgine paradise! I wanna go there NOW!

It is near the train station Barcelona-Franca. I guess it is in the french-influenced part of Barcelona, since there is also a small Arc de Triomf.


10. Tibidabo


I guess this is like the observation hill or something like that. You can also go up there by cable car and there is also an amusement park, but I am not sure if we will go there. But it really would be nice to have a view over Barcelona from there.

These are the 10 main points I want to check out in Barcelona. I am quite excited already, and can’t wait for March any longer.

What about you guys? Have you already been to Barcelona? Do you have any secret suggestion for me, a non-touristy place I should definitely see?

Thanks for reading guys!


14 thoughts on “Barcelona Travel Plans

    1. Oh yeah! Good that you mention the back streets and the little alleys and avenues :) Wanna walk through there as well :) oh yessss churros! Heard a lot of good things about them and it looks yummy! Didn’t kniw that Barcelona was famous for hot chocolate though ;)

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  1. Have a great time visiting my adopted city! Wow, you’re gonna be non stop for 3 days with all your sightseeing! You might have to stay a few extra days to fit it all in!

    I didn’t know about the fairy bar, so I’m gonna check it out at the next available opportunity. You also forgot to mention shopping! Zara is about €5-15 cheaper here than the rest of Europe. March it’ll be Spring so hopefully good weather. It can be chilly or warm and sunny so you definitely have to check out the beaches (non tourist ones!). I can sense your excitement about visiting and I don’t blame you one little bit!

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    1. We thought that we could perhaps skip the shopping part or only go into shops we don’t have in Germany like Stradivarius or maybe Forever 21 if there is one :)
      yeah, we probably won’t be able to check all the sights out but I want to see and do as much as possible :)
      Ohhhh going to the beach would be soooo goood!!!! Can you suggest a beach? Are they close to the city centre?


      1. The main beaches are close to Barceloneta, which is about a 20/30 minute walk from the city centre. As for Forever21 there is one, but it’s a pain to get to and I’m not sure with your jam packed schedule you won’t be able to get there!

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  2. Hey,

    some comments on your list from my side ;)

    – the market is really great! Try some of the delicious smoothies there, i especially liked the one with coconut and dragon fruit :)

    – the ramblas are nice but not as interesting as i thought they are. Locals usually avoid that street – too many tourist = thiefs, unreasonable high prices etc…

    -it is possible to visit the Camp Nou, but a tour costs around 20-25€. My friend really wanted to visit but in the end he didnt go because of the price.

    -If you go inside the Sagrada Familia you should definitely pay for the audio guide, too! It´s really worth the money and without information you´re just to overwhelmed with all the beauty around you. And don´t forget to order the tickets in advance, you can do it online, its very easy (no need to print the tickets, you can just show the online tickets on your mobile).

    Have fun in Barcelona, i really wanna go back there soon :)

    And one more recomendation: if you like sweet things, you should really go to the sweet little icecream/churros/etc.-place called “La Cremona” (C/ Sant Pere Més Baix 14 – it´s close to the old city center and the owners of the shop are lovely!



    1. Oh 20€ might be too much :/ But at least we could perhaps look at the Stadium from outside ;)
      Ohhhh that sounds delicious! I will obviously be oberstrained in deciding what smoothie to chose. Your recommendation sounds very tasty emd exotic :)
      Oh thanks for the recommemdation with the ramblas. Then we will maybe go there only if we have time :)
      I will check out the Sagrada definitely :) thanks!
      I loooveeee sweet things <3 Thanks for your suggestion :)

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