Movie Review: Gone Girl by David Fincher


Original Title: Gone Girl

Director: David Fincher

Writers: Gillian Flynn

Cast: Ben Affleck, Rosamund Pike, Neil Patrick Harris

Date of Publication: 2 October 2014

Length: 149 min

Genre: Drama, Mystery, Thriller


Storyline and Plot:

It is interesting to watch the trailer after you have watched the movie, because I know what happens now. Everyone thinks that it is Nick (Ben Affleck) who killed Amy. At first, I also suspected that, because of that chin-thing. At that part, I had to think about South Park, but that’s another thing now. Then, I thought it would have been too obvious if it really was him, so I gave up on that. During the film, we get to know about Amy’s views thanks to her diary. Of course, the readers wonders if that diary was written at that time it all happened, or if it was written when Amy decided upon her Coup. This is another question I was asking myself. Anyway, there were many questions I had. One of them was especially at the end. Why did she suddenly decide to kill Neil Patrick Harris? Was it because of the TV show Nick appeared in? That was something I wouldn’t have expected. And the whole scene was just soo disgusting! I was so schocked, I screamed around and almost puked, literally. It was the creppiest and most engrossing sex scene I have ever seen. How crazy. She kills him, and then she showers in his blood and continues to fuck him although he is DEAD! Is that even possible???!! And then in the end. Everything ended so quickly. I didn’t like the end, because I had the feeling that there had to be a sequel. Was this also the ending of the book I wonder. Or did the split up the book. I really have to read it soon.


I liked how Ben Affleck played his role. He didn’t exaggerate. The scenes at the beginning when he stays so calm after finding out about his wife were interesting. And he managed to trick the audience to think of him as the murderer. And Rosamund Pike was amazing! How she transformerd after escaping and plotting her revenge. I also liked the scenes with that girl and boy from the neighborhood. I somehow pitied Amy also a little bit, because somehow, she could never trust anybody. At first, she felt esranged by his husband and found out how he has been cheating on her. She never really had a friend. Then, after she had escaped she thought she found some people to hang out with, but that didn’t work out. Anyway, what she did at the end, was also a bit selfish. In the end, I got the feeling that she was searching for the perfect story to get famous with. That was a bit frightening. Killing people just for a good story.

Final rating – 4/5: An exciting movie with a lot of plot twists. Still, lefts a few questions open in the end.


6 thoughts on “Movie Review: Gone Girl by David Fincher

  1. She did kill Desi because of Nick’s TV appearance… but also because she realised that he had total control over her by keeping her locked up in his house, making thinly veiled threats (“disguised as concern”) that if she left he would go to the police and have them track her down.
    “I thought I could control Desi, but I can’t. I feel like something very bad is about to happen” pg. 404

    She also felt that she had misunderstood Nick in some ways and that they needed each other…
    “Nick fastened me to the earth. Nick wasn’t like Desi, who brought me things I wanted…to make me do the things he wanted. Nick just wanted me to be happy, that’s all, very pure. Maybe I mistook that for laziness…. but maybe I was unfair. Well, not unfair but confused. No one I’ve loved has ever not had an agenda.
    It really is true. It took this awful situation for us to realise it. Nick and I fit together” (pg 394)

    I haven’t seen the movie but I’ve heard it’s very faithful to the book, so I assume these quotes might help answer your questions!

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  2. You should definitely read the book! Obviously, you know about the huge plottwist now, but for me, the ending in the book was way more.. intense. They did a really good job making the book into a movie, but some things about Amy were left out and I feel like in the book you get a better idea of what kind of person she really is.
    I’m trying to stay a bit vague, since you’re still planning on reading the book, but I hope you understand what I mean after you’ve read it!

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