Book Review: City of Ashes by Cassandra Clare


Original Title: City of Ashes (The Mortal Instruments #2)

Author: Cassandra Clare

Published: March 24th 2009, Paperback

Genre: Urban Fantasy, Young Adult

Page Count: 453


I have read this book before Christmas and now I finally have time to write a review about it.


The second part of The City of Bones began as expected, but the beginning was a bit slow in my opinion. Responsible for this might also be the poor and unneccessary dialogues. I am not sure if I encountered such dialogue in the first part of the book, but I don’t remember such absurd and ridiculous ones. Luckily, those bad dialogues diminished in the course of the novel and I could enjoy it more, especially in the middle of the book and towards the end, where we met new characters. I also liked how well the course of the battle was described. Not every author can do that. In general, I liked the outcome of this novel, and I want to continue the third novel.


We have all the characters from the first book like Clary, Jace, Charlie and Luke plus new characters that I like very much now, Maia for example. And I also love it that Charlie has turned into a vampire now and might begin a love relationship with Maia. Another thing I liked was to find out more about Magnus Bane and see him more as well. In the first book, his appearance was rather seldom, but in this, we see him more often and I loooveeee it! I am definitely going to read the Bane Chronicles <3 Furthermore, I have to say that Valentine is freaking cool! He is one of the coolest villains I have read about. I am quite curious what will happen next with him and his children, especially hottie Jace <3

Writing Style:

Where the characters score, the writing style looses. I am really not a huge fan of Clare’s writing style. Like mentioned at the top, the dialogues were written in a ridiculous way. I somehow get the feeling that Clare uses the tool of writing merely as a tool and not as a way to express art and feelings. It is just a means to an end to her. I mean, of course, you need words in order to tell a story, and writing is a part of that, but it doesn’t mean that the writing has to be of no value. It is quite important to make sure the story doesn’t get too boring or one-sided. It is also important to create a certain atmosphere and trigger emotions. Without the appropriate writing style – and every author has his/her own – the reading experience will suffer quite a lot. And this is definitely something Clare has to work on.

Final review – 3/5: If you have liked the first part of this book, be sure to keep on reading this second novel, but don’t have high hopes on the writing style.


One thought on “Book Review: City of Ashes by Cassandra Clare

  1. Just poking through my reader and dropping by a few recent posts without any comments so I could be the first, hahaha :)

    But on topic…I like the format of this book review. Informative, brief, and really hits the points. I write book reviews sometimes and I vary the formats, but I might have to borrow yours. I don’t normally write a plot summary when I write about books, maybe a few highlights, but mostly my thoughts. Urban fantasy is not my genre but you write about it well, sounds like you could have written the book better than the author :) I’d love to read any comments you might have on any of the book reviews I’ve posted, they’re spread out on my blog, just click “book reviews” in the tag cloud. :)

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