2015 – I have no freaking clue what I want this year

The 5th day of the New Year has already begun and I am lying in bed, ready to sleep. Still, I am a bit anxious and expectant at the same time about 2015.
This year, I will hopefully write my Bachelor Thesis and hence, end my study years… I just can’t believe that I will be graduating. That’s so unreal. I don’t really know what will expect me this year. Everything seems to be so vague.
Also, I am still in the middle of applying for AIESEC but everything seems so unorganized that I don’t have high hopes for it. Still, I have to be positive about that because I don’t know what to do if I shouldn’t be able to go abroad with AIESEC. It just has to work out, because  this year is the year of the goat in the chinese Horoscope and I AM a goat :D I somehow believe in this chinese horoscope thing so I hope that everything will be okay for my future. It just has to … If not I might end up as a drug-addict soon :’D
Well I just want these two things for this year: Graduating and Going Abroad. The rest doesn’t bother me, not even summer vacation.
Well of course I won’t neglect my reading times and my blog. But that’s just daily life right? I want to reach 50 books again this year because last year I failed only by 100 pages :'( that’s bitter but whatever. I’ll just try again.
And I also want to write more
Yupp, that’s it for 2015. No great expectations. Life has teached me not to have high hopes.
Thanks for reading guys!


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