Baking Christmas Cookies

Hey guys! I know it’s been ages (18 days!!!) since the last time I blogged. I am so so sorry, and I also feel so bad, but somehow I was quite busy. Not only with uni, but also with reading books to complete my goodreads challenge to read 50 books this year. Atm I am at 47 books. I think I will catch up and manage it :) So, you can also look forward for some book reviews.

But first, before going into the reviewing part, I wanted to share pictures from the Christmas Cookies me, my sister and a friend baked on sunday. Although we don’t celebrate Christmas, I love all the sweets and decorations during the month of December. Unfortunately, everything just vanishes after New Year’s Eve :'( The Ginger Breads, The decorations and all the Christmas Markets. Well, at least we could enjoy some self-baked cookies this year :)

Here are some pictures:

2014-12-21 16.43.34 2014-12-21 17.27.20 2014-12-21 18.02.26 2014-12-21 18.09.53 2014-12-21 18.09.58 2014-12-22 13.36.46

It was so much fun baking and dekorating them, but of course, it also took a lot of time. After putting 4 whole trays into the oven, we decorated for over an hour o.O We finished the Chocolate sauce, and some of the decoration pens :D

I wished we could bake more cookies, but tomorrow (or already today) it is the 24th and everyone will be celebrating Christmas the following few days. I wish all of you happy holidays and a merry christmas. I will be in Frankfurt starting tomorrow, at some family friends’. Their aunt died a few weeks ago, and we wanted to visit them because of that. So probably, you’ll read more of me at the weekend.

See you later and thanks for reading.


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