Book Review: “The Shadow of the Wind” by Carlos Ruiz Zafon

schatten des windes

Original Title: La sombra del viento

Author: Carlos Ruiz Zafon

Published: August 29th 2005, Suhrkamp, Paperback

Genre: Fiction, Mystery

Page Count: 565


This novel had several different plot lines going on, but all of them led to the main one. I liked the parallels and similarities in Julian Carax’ life and in Daniel’s life. Everything is mysterious, from the beginning to the end, and I love it that the devil that appears at the beginning, Lain Coubert, is so mysterious and scary at the beginning, but then in the end, the real identity of that devil is being revealed, and I was just like: OMG THIS IS SOOO COOL! Then, of course, the idea of the cemetary of forgotten books is so genius! I loved that! And the idea of the father to keep that book his whole life, and that it is the book that chooses the reader, not the other way round, is an interesting way to look at that. I mean, that’s somehow right, a fantasy book would never be read by a girlie girl, and a chic-lit would never be read by a manly wrestler or something like that :D You get what I’m saying, so I think this idea could be applied to the real world as well. I really wonder how that series will continue. I definitely want to continue reading, but I first have to get those books :)


I loved the characters! Fermin and Nuria were my most favorite ones, but I also liked Daniel and his father. Gustavo and Fermin’s lover Bernarda were also fun characters. However, I disliked Clara at first, but then, at the end, I somehow pitied her. But it was her fault I think. In this novel, you can find a variety of different characters. And how minor they might seem at the beginning, every each of them are detailed and developed in an unbelievably manner, that you might even identify yourself even with the smallest character in the book. They all seem so real, I love that! When an author manages to achieve such a dense character structure, then I will definitely love that. My favourite character was Fermin, because he was so funny, but I could identify myself more with Nuria Monfort. Her story was so sad and beautiful :’)

Writing style:

The novel is written in both, a mysterious, dark style, but at the same time there is a little bit of humour inside, all thanks to Fermin :) I also felt like this novel was a bit scary, dealing with all those incidents of death. I was so creeped out by that house of the Aldaya’s, especially when Daniel enters the cellar >< omg, that was soooo creepy! I think without the coming-out at the end of the novel, it could have also been considered as a horror story :’D

Final review – 4/5: If you like a well-thought plot and amazing characters with a bit of spooky events happening around, then this book is the perfect pick for you.


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