November Wrap Up

Now we have it, the last month of the year 2014. I can’t believe how fast it went by!

This year was definitely better than last year in which nothing worked out quite as I imagined it. Still, I hope that 2015 will be even better.

Here is what I did in November:

1) Our cousin’s were visiting us at the beginnen of November. One of my cousins also has two children, and they are just so cute! I really enjoyed spending time with them :) On our last evening we went to a bar, only the 6 cousins :)


2) Then, we finally visited the new mall here in Stuttgart, it is called Milaneo, and consists of 3 huge buildings. There is even Elbenwald inside, a nerd shop with all the Merchandise stuff for several series like Star Wars, Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter, Game of Thrones and other series like Adventure Time or Big Bang Theory *o*

I love everything I bough that day *o* The pullover is jsut so fluffy, the bag is perfect, the skirt’s length also fits very well and the nail polish is beautiful, especially shortly before New Year’s eve :)


3) The highlight of the month, and probably also one of the biggest highlights this year was the Jack White concert in Frankfurt *o* It was so amazing, I still can’t believe I have been there *o*

IMG_20141115_124355 IMG_20141115_131544

After the concert, we have also been partying that night. And the other day, we went shopping and to a karaoke bar. It was super fun :D

I wasn’t even drunk yet ;D
Dough House. The Toilets of a Hip Hop club :D
Breakfast at a turkish cafe: Simit Saray. I want this so bad right now *o*
Karaoke Night!!! *o* We are singing “Another Brick in the Wall” here :D

4) Exciting Uni Days: I found 20€ in the garden of the Campus. Just like that! It was lying on the floor right between all the leafs :D It was also raining, and they were wet when picked them up.


In the last week, we sold waffles and mulled wine in front of our uni building. It was so stressful. When I arrived at home, I literally couldn’t move and my arms hurt like hell. But we managed to win over 200€ *o*


5) Purchased new books last month:


6) I have read exactly 5 books last month. 3 of them were for my seminar at university. Here is what I read:

The fifth book is missing on this picture, because it is a pdf and doesn’t have a nice cover. I wanted to use my tablet for the other book which has a cover ;)

1. The Iron Trial – Holly Black and Cassandra Clare: I haven’t written a review about that book I enjoy now. Probably because I won this book on a german book-website. The problem was that I got this book before it was released here in Germany, so I wasn’t allowed to post a review about it before the 14th of November. However, I had already finished this book at the beginning of November, but after that, I totally forgot about it :/ Fact:  I enjoyed this book quite a lot and I can’t wait to read the 2nd part :)

2. A Masque of Mr. Punch – Robertson Davies: This was the play we had to read for our seminar. It is about the Punch and Judy show, and how literary critics would have changed the show to different epochs. It is wirtten as a play, and super interesting and entertaining :D

3. The Tragical Comedy or Comical Tragedy of Mr. Punch – Neil Gaiman and Dave McKean: I  just recently wrote a review about it which you can read here. I enjoyed this comic, although it was a bit macabre and sad, but still a nice adaption of the Punch and Judy show :)

4. Bon retablissement – Marie-Sabine Roger: This is a novel written by a french author. It is a bitter-sweet story about the lifes of different people, and about life and death, youth and old in general. I especially love the title of the german translation: “Das Leben ist ein listiger Kater”, which means as much as ‘Life is like a cunning cat”.

5. Rivers of London – Ben Aaronovitch: This book was my reading highlight of the month! Seldom read such an interesting and unique crime story. Here is the review I just recently wrote :)

Well, this was it for the month of November I guess. How was your month?

Thanks for reading!


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