Rivers of London – Book Review and TV Series anticipation


Original Title: Rivers of London

Author: Ben Aaronovitch

Published: August 2011, Golancz

Genre: Crime, Urban Fantasy, Mystery

Pages: 392, Paperback

I have finished this book now. It took me quite a while I have to admit, but still it was an overly great novel! It is often considered as a mixture between Sherlock Holmes an Harry Potter, and this perfectly fits the description. But of course, this novel has more to offer:

1. Plot:

I have to say that I have never read such a crime novel. It is so unique and clever and witty, at the same time mysterious and exciting. The plot of a crime novel ist most often quite similar to any other one. I would also rather say that plot is the most important factor in a crime novel. It has to be fast-paced and interesting to keep the reader on track. This novel had no boring chapter. There was always something happening in each chapter. The turning point in this book was just a moment of “ARE YOU SERIOUS??!?!” This is an accomplishment not every author can manage. Thumb up to Mr Aaronovitch!

2. Characters:

I love Peter Grant as a character. I also don’t want to say too much about him, because there is an interesting way of exploring more about the main character in this book. Chapter after chapter, the reader finds out more about him, and this is so entertaining. I like this a lot more than finding everything about a character out at once. I also liked the other characters. Beverly was soooo amazing! Nightingale and Lesley were also quite impressive. Mama Thames was soo hilarious and very strong as a character. I think there wasn’t one character I disliked, not even the villain, and if you will read this, you will find out why I didn’t dislike the villain. I can tell you as much: The villain is a famous character from our childhood ;)

3. Writing Style:

Ben Aaronovitch has a writing style for which every aspiring author would sell his/her soul. It is a very witty style of writing, but at the same time, it never fails to describe the brutality in a quite detailed way without wanting to vomit though. I admired this about him. And I think he deserves a medal for that :)

Now that I have finished with the topic of Writing Stlye, I would like to continue with writing something about the upcoming TV series. Some of you might know that Ben Aaronovitch already produced a fes Doctor Who episodes, so I think we can be full of anticipation for this new and witty TV show that is going to air soon. The date is not clear yet, so it can also take one or two years for it to appear. There are already some speculations going on about the cast. And here, you can read on a blog post about some actor suggestions for the characters. Accordingly, Ben Aaronovitch stated actor wishes for the figure of Nightingale, namely the following two:

Paul McGann: I don’t know this actor, but I read that he played in the old Doctor Who movies. His age fits the age of the character I think, but I haven’t imagined him like this. Maybe if he’d wear the fitting clothes, it might do.
I mean, if he is going to take one of the important roles, namely the role of the magic master who teaches magic to Peter, then this series is going to explode. EVERYONE will watch this and it will instantly turn into a hype :D But I wonder if he might not be too young for the role of that character.

He didn’t make any suggestions for the other characters but on the blog I mentioned above, you can read some suggestions from other fans. There, they give following suggestions:

Kimberley Nixon for Lesley May. I honestly imagined her to be very different. I thought she had brown, shorter hair, actually the exact hair as Lena Dunham’s. But she is quite busy with her own TV show right now, and I think she wouldn’t fit physically to a role of a Police Officer …
Estella Daniels wouldn’t be quite a bad choice for Beverly, but I somehow imagined her with slightly smaller eyes and a slimmer face. But I think this comes quite near to the imagination I had of her.
This is Ukweli Roach for Peter Grant and omg, he is perfect! I think I am falling in love with this guy! If he might get chosen, thenΒ  I will melt away after every episode *o*

Helena Bonham Carter for Molly. This is the first choice for that crazy character :D And she is one of the craziest figures indeed, and I think HBC would be a perfect fit. She is one of my favorite actresses, and I would cry of joy if she’d appear in this TV show. As fas as I know, she doesn’t do TV shows, but maybe this story and character will impress her so much, that she will do something for the first time ;)
Shirley Henderson for Molly. This is the second possibility, and if you wonder why she seems so familiar to you, well, that’s because we all know her as Moaning Myrtle from the Harry Potter series :’D Unbelievable! She would also be such a perfect fit for that crazy character of Molly! I really can’t decide which one of those two are better :)
Patti Boulaye for Mama Thames. WOW! I see her for the first time, although she somehow seems familiar to me, but I don’t know from where. I think she would fit very well to that role of such a strong character.

I really can’t wait for the TV show to come out finally. I will try not to miss the first episode *o* CAN’T WAIT!

What about you guys? Do you know the series? And will you watch the TV show?

Thanks for reading!


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