Movie Review: Mockingjay Part 1

The-Hunger-Games-Mockingjay-Part-One-Poster-HD-WallpaperDate of Release: November, 2014

Director: Francis Lawrence

Cast: Jennifer Lawrence, Josh Hutcherson, Woody Harrelson, Julianne Moore, Philip Seymour Hoffman,…

Genre: Dystopia

Length: 123 Minutes

Yesterday, I also went to see the movie, together with my sister and my friend Giulia. I couldn’t wait to watch it already, because I couldn’t imagine how the movie could be at all. I have heard mixed opinions about this movie. Some people hated it, some people loved it. Since I disliked the book so much, I thought that the movie couldn’t be worse. Indeed, I wasn’t disappointed. Here is why I liked the movie:

1. The Cast was just so good. Lawrence is quite a decent actress for displaying such grimaces. Not everyone can do that and then convey so much emotion to the audience. I also loved how Josh Hutcherson played Peeta, especially at the end. My sister almost teared her pullover apart, because she was so frightened :’D Furthermore, I really admired the actress who played Prim. She just fits perfectly into that role. Then, of course, Woody Harrelson and Elizabeth Banks are always a fun couple in the Hunger Games movies. I love them both as characters and as actors. Not to forget the newbies Hoffman (R.I.P.) and Moore, probably the most professional ones. Although I imagined President Coine to be more like a manly woman with short, dark hair, I wasn’t disappointed by Julianne Moore’s presentation of that character. All in all, the cast is close to perfect.

2. The special effects: They get better and better with each movie. You just have to watch this movie to see them. What I also want to mention here are the filming scenes. In the book, they were so boring to me, but in the movie, it was quite interesting. And the camera team was mentioned more often than in the book.

3. Music. Of course, this has to come. Probably, almost every THG fan has already heard about that famous song “The Hanging Tree” sung by Jennifer Lawrence. Also the fact that Lorde has 4 songs on the OST, is so amazing! The soundtrack also gets better and better with each movie. Thumbs up!

4. Additional scenes: I know, many people will be pissed off by this, especially those who read and enjoyed the book, but honestly, I really didn’t like the 3rd book at all. It was probably one of the most boring final books to a sequel I have ever read. In the first half of the book, nothing really happened, then in the second half of the book, so much suddenly happened at once, that I couldn’t tag along all of that o.O The movie did a great job for the first part. One could argue that Mockingjay could have easily fitted into one movie, since there was less happening than in movies 1 and 2, but still we had additional scenes that showed the riots of the different districts, as well as the scene with the singing for example. There was no such song in the book, if I remember well (Please tell me if I am wrong!). I think for the first time ever, additional scenes didn’t destroy a movie, but rather improved it.

Here is the Hanging Tree Song showed in a TV Clip:

Well, this is my opinion. I think I would watch this movie again, although it wasn’t as good as 1 and 2, but still a super awesome adaption, and definitely better than the book.

Final rating – 7/10: Fans of the THG-series might have parted opinions, but for everyone who like surprises, this is definitely a must-see.


15 thoughts on “Movie Review: Mockingjay Part 1

  1. I agree with you! I didn’t enjoy the third book much for the same reasons, especially the rushed ending. It just didn’t work at all. But I think, as Part 1 proved for me, it’s a book that actually works better as a film. Hopefully Part 2 won’t be as much of a disappointment as the book was! Great review :)

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  2. There was actually lots MORE importance on singing in the books, and the camera crew was mentioned a lot, but I agree with your analysis; the third book was me and my moms least favorite also. The only part I disliked is how they left out some feel good scenes from the book that I really loved (Finnick Odair in his underwear, and there’s another cute scene between Katniss’s prep team and Gale’s little sister)

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    1. they definitely are not as good as part 1 and 2, but still I enjoyed the movie and there were some quite amazing scenes that surprised me :)
      To be honest, I am not really looking forward for the second part. I know what’s going to happen, and it depresses me a bit :’D

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