Alexander Wang for H&M


Yesterday, the Alexander Wang collection could be bought in H&M stores. After seeing the commercial on TV and then in the internet, I was quite impressed. The soundtrack, the use of the clothes, the action in the video. Awesome!

After browsing through the online store, I was a bit disappointed by the articles. It was all rather sporty fashion, with pieces that could rather be worn in the gym. Still, I found some nice pieces.

This is quite affordable actually. about 29.99€. In fact, it might be a bit expensive for a simple gym shirt, but still cheaper than the ones at nike or adidas.
This bag is perfect! But it costs 179€ It is way too expensive! It is half of my monthly wage.
These are beautiful! But unfortunaley, they are also a bit too expensive, 149€. And I have just bought similar boots from Timberland for only 30€, so I won’t get some 150€-boots from H&M, be it Alexander Wang or not.
I HAVE TO HAVE THIS! This is so super cool! And I am a big fan of bonnets. I am actually missing a simple bonnet in my collection, because most of them are either colorful or have ears and stuff like that :D This is 24,99€, so quite affordable, although a bit expensive for a bonnet. But it is Alexander Wang :D

I will go to the mall tomorrow again, and I will see what I can find there :) I still want to buy a thick skirt for the winter days, and if I can find a cozy, cheap pullover, I won’t hesitate to add it to my winter closet. And if I will still have some money left I will perhaps purchase that bonnet.

What about you? Have you seen something from that collection you liked?

Thanks for reading!


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