Writing Plans

Hello and Good Night Dear Readers! It is already past midnight here in Germany and I am lying in my bed right now. I came home at 8pm today and it already was 10 pm after I had finished eating and tidying up.
I actually wantes to continue writing with my NaNoWriMo project which I will also use for my novel seminar next week, because then I have to read a passage of my novel project :) And because the trains have declared a strike from thursday to monday (yes! I know! It’s insane!) I will be able to stay at home for 3 days and write on my novel :) Because I lag behind at NaNoWriMo right now, these 3 days of writing sessions will be a great opportunity to get closer to the goal of finishing a novel.
Tomorrow is also a day that I can use for writing a little bit.
I am really excited about next week and also about NaNoWriMo.
How are you guys doing at NaNoWriMo?  Are you also participatimg? 


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