Blind Date With a Book

OMG! Guys! I have seen this on booktube right now, and I WANT IT! This is such a good idea! I wished people in Germany would think of something fun like that as well :( It is a great idea, and I wonder right now whether I should somehow tell this to some people in the bookstores here. Hm. I will think about that.

What about you? Have you heard of this? Is there something like that in your country?

Thanks for reading.


8 thoughts on “Blind Date With a Book

  1. I got one last night from my local indie secondhand bookshop! It was my second one.
    Both times I’ve been quite pleased with the results! It’s a great way of finding books that I may not have even glanced at if it was just sitting on the shelf.


      1. Elizabeth’s Bookstore in Sydney… a little far from you, I think :( I have heard it’s catching on internationally though!
        Maybe try searching #blinddatewithabook hashtag and see if anywhere comes up?

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  2. I’ve seen it before somewhere, probably when I was in Australia. It’s a lovely idea but I haven’t spotted any in Germany yet. But as always Germany’s a bit slow with trends and stuff, I’m sure it’ll come one day :)

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