Harry Potter Exhibition Cologne 2014

Now finally it’s time for this post!

Last week, on Saturday the 4th of October 2014 my two friends Pina and Susi, and me of course, went to Cologne. Our train left at 7.26 am from Stuttgart train station. At about 11 am we should arrive in Cologne. Fortunately, our journey was without any problems. We talked a lot in the train, especially nerdy Harry Potter talk. While in the train, we passed many beautiful landscapes as we approached the Rhein area. I have never been to western Germany before, so I also have never been to Cologne. I have heard different things from many people who liked it and also from people who didn’t like it. My friend Susi has already been there and told us that the people were so direct and open.

We arrived at about 11 am in Cologne. The train station was directly next to the Dome of Cologne, so we started taking pictures and selfies.



After that, we went inside the dome and looked at the inside architecture of this gigantic building.


20141004_112746 IMG-20141005-WA0001

While we were inside, they called for prayer, but a few minutes after that, they told us visitors that we had to go out of the dome, because they were closing now.

So after that we walked through the shopping street a little bit. It was a bit small,but we found a Kiko shop and went inside. My friend Pina even bought some things.

After that, we went to look for a restaurant to eat. Plus, we also wanted to drink Kölsch, the beer typical for Cologne.

Soon we found a german restaurant. I ate sausage and potato salad (very typical german indeed). And we all drank two glasses of Kölsch (the glasses are really tiny, like test tubes)



The weather was beautiful. Sunny and warm. We sweated while sitting outside, because the midday sun was shining directly on our heads, so we took off our jackets and pullovers :D

When we finished eating, we went to look for a nice place to sit. Soon, we found a big lawn behind the dome with a view to the Rhein. It really was a beautiful place.

IMG_20141005_022537 IMG_20141005_023025 20141004_140132


We sat down on the lawn and talked a little bit while enjoying the sun. At about 2.30 pm we slowly walked to the train station to check out which train to take to the Odysseum where the Harry Potter exhibition should take place. We had to search in the internet a bit, but we found it finally. At about 3:15 we arrived at the Odysseum. We saw many people with Harry Potter bags walking around, and we already got super excited.

20141004_151839 20141004_151755

We soon entered the building. Our tour was at 4:15 pm. At 3:45 we already waited in front of the doors. We also took our Audio Guides. They really were a good investment.


When we finally were allowed to go inside, we queued at first for a photo shooting. We were allowed to wear scarves (Ravenclaw, Gryffindor, or Hufflepuff, Slytherin was somehow not included), and we could also choose a wand to pose with *o* Of course we had to give them back after the photo was taken. But omg, it was sooo awesome!

Yeaaahy Yeahy!!! I am a proud Hufflepuff! BTW: The background was a green screen. When we wanted to buy the photo, we could decide upon a background. There were about 9 different backgrounds to chose from. We took the Hogwarts Express, because the other backgrounds looked a bit unrealistic :D

After this first excitement we had to wait in front of another door. Soon, we were allowed inside and there it was: THE SORTING HAT! And the guy who stood there and put the hat on our heads was very handsome. Unfortunately, only 3 or 4 people were chosen by him to try on the hat. But at least our friend Susi has managed to be chosen :D

She was chosen into Slytherin, but it was her wish :D

After that, we were led into another room full with screens. I think 7 or 8 screens. On the screens they showed us different scenes from the movies cut together. I got goosebumps and tears in my eyes. It really was amazing to see all those scenes cut so perfectly together. Real Harry Potter fans will definitely enjoy even this simple thing.

After this was over, the door behind us opened, and we saw the real Hogwarts Express *o* :’) Unfortunately, everything went so fast, so I could only get a glimpse on the Express. But it was sooo beautiful <3

Now, the Exhibition began. I will show you the course of the Tour with the pictures I have taken .

Left Side: Neville’s and Luna’s clothes and stuff Right Side: Hermione’s clothes and stuff
Ron’s clothes, stuff, especially Chudley Cannons, and his bed at his Hogwarts dorm. Can you believe it that Rupert Grint himself slept inside that bed… *o*
Harry’s clothes and stuff, together with the Marauder’s Map
I must not tell lies
Gilderoy Lockhart’s clothes, his book Magical Me, and a Pixie
Me in front of the boggart :D And of course the cupboard with the boggart inside
The dragon egg
The potions book of the Half Blood Prince
Snape vs Slughorn :)
Me and the Mandrake :D This was the first interactive station where we could touch things :D It was soooo cool! But the Mandrake really was quite heavy to lift o.O
Professor Trelawney’s clothes and things. Do you see the Grim?
Quidditch costumes from different players including: Madame Hooch, Malfoy, Harry, Ron, Cedric, Krum
Here it is! The Quidditch part where we could throw around with Quaffles to score :D
Here we go!
I love this photo :’D I scored! I could really be a good Chaser ;)
Buckbeak <3
We needed a group picture in front of buckbeak :)
Hagrid’s clothes and things including the Monster book of Monsters.
Me in Hagrid’s Hut :)
The creatures of the Forbidden Forest :) It was quite dark there, so excues the bad quality of the photos
You might know whose clothes these are ;)
The Philosopher’s Stone
Kreacher <3
The graveyard scene *o* I loooove Bellatrix’ clohtes. And can you see Nagini next to Voldemort’s costume on the right side of the picture?
The Horcruxes <3 This station was probably my favorite one
Newspaper articles
The costumes for Bill and Fleur’s wedding. From left to right: Ron, Hermione, Luna, Xenophilius
Neville’s clohtes and the sword of Gryffindor
Ron’s, Hermione’s and Harry’s clothes at “Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows”
The Great Hall *o*
Fred and George’s clothes and their Skiving- and Snackboxes :’D Do you see the Puking Pastills on the bottom left of the picture? The green and purple ones :D
Fleur’s and Krum’s costumes, and the Goblet of Fire
The Yule Ball costumes
The Triwizard Cup, The name sheets of the Champions, Anti-Potter Buttons, and the book about Dumbledore.
Sirius’ and Tonks’ clothes and wands
Dobby <3
The Deathly Hallows: The Elder Wand, The Stone of Resurrection, The Invisibility Cloak
Dumbledore’s and McGonnagall’s costumes
Fawkes <3
This is inside the Fanshop. There you can see the wands you could buy. I didn’t buy a wand, because I wouldn’t know what to do with it :’D
After we went outside of the shop, and shortly before going out of the Odysseum, we saw Umbridge :’D Of course not the real one, but a young and beautiful version of her. And of course, a nicer version :D

At about 6pm we were outside. We still had about 1-2 hours until our train left from Cologne to Stuttgart. So we went to a Starbucks in front of the Dome and drank something.

At 8pm our train left to Frankfurt. It was so fast, the train was driving with 300 km/h. We had a pressure in our ears during the whole 1-hour-ride. But we couldn’t withstand trying out the Bertie Botts every-flavour Beans :D It was funny. I had earthworm, and it tasted quite good :’D My friend Pina had vomit I think :’D And she nearly vomitted xD My friend Susi had soap I think. Still, we didn’t dare going on trying somehow :D

When we arrived in Frankfurt though, our train to Stuttgart was late, and we were recommended to take a different train. This one would arrive 20 minutes later, so we waited at the train station. The train that arrived was to Mannheim. From there, we should then take another train to Stuttgart. However, our train to Mannheim also arrived 20 minutes too late in the train station, so we thought that we had missed our Stuttgart train. We were almost having a nervous breakdown in the train. When we finally arrived in Mannheim, we went to look at the schedule, and we were relieved to see that our Stuttgart train was still late. It should arrive about 20 minutes later, but then 20 minutes turned into 30 minutes. We went to McDonald’s to eat something. Then we went outside to wait, together with many other annoyed travellers. Finally, our train arrived at about midnight, and at 1 am we finally arrived at Stuttgart train station. We should have actually arrived at 11 pm. We arrived 2 hours too late. Pina’s parents, and Susi’s and my sister were getting worried, and texted us incessantly. At 2 am, I finally was home. And the first thing I did was taking a haul-photo :’D

That’s what I bought: The sweets (Bertie Botts Beans, Jelly Slugs, Chocolate Frog): Each 5€ Harry Potter Marauder Mug: 20€ Elder Wand Pen: 20€ Pullover: 55€ The Pullover is the most expensive, but it is my most favorite item :)

It really was such a great, fun, magical, awesome, overwhelming day to be able to visit this Exhibition. Unfortunately, everything happened too fast, and it was soon over already :(

But I am still happy that I was able to go there and visit the Exhibition, as well as to see a new beautiful city :)

Thanks for reading!


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