Busy October

I am really sorry that I have been absent the last few days, but last week was a bit full. I had to work plus, I have to organize the freshmen party for the new semester which will take place next week. For that, we met two days last week. Friday was a holiday in Germany, so I spent thursday evening with the organizations for the freshmen party, and after that, I went clubbing with some friends and my sister. It was just a normal clubbing night, nothing special to report about. On friday I did nothing and slept too long into the late afternoon. I don’t know why I was so tired suddenly. We also went to McCafe with our friend Giulia who returned from her internship in Frankfurt. We talked a bit and then ate dinner at Mc. I was so excited the whole Friday, because the next day was supposed to be the long-awaited day: The Harry Potter Exhibition in Cologne <3
It was AWESOME guys! I took so many pictures which I can’t wait to share with you already *o* I just have to find the time to do that. They are already on Instagram, but I will also write a detailed post about that whole day :) You can look forward for something amazing ;)

Now, after too much energy drinks and coffee, I still feel tired and exhausted. I woke up early today (well, 8 am is early for me), in order to sign up for the Japanese language course. I am so excited, and can’t wait already *o* I am also a bit afraid, but I am sure that I will manage it well :)

Thanks for reading, guys!


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