Top Ten Tuesday: Books That Were Hard to Read


I decided to do this as well from now on. This is a meme hosted by The Broke and the Bookish.

This week’s topic is to list the Top Ten Books that were hard for me to read. Now, let’s begin:

1. The Lord of the Rings series by J.R.R. Tolkien


This was so hard for me to read. They were also quite boring to be honest. I didn’t even make it to the third book. I know that many people felt like this about the books, but I also know that there are so many people who enjoyed these books. And I can also understand this, because the world that Tolkien created is unbelievable. High Fantasy at its best. I love the movies quite a lot. They are definitely one of my favorites. But I just couldn’t get along with the books.

2. Mrs. Dalloway by Virginia Woolf:


I had to read this book for a seminar last year during the summer semester. I had a hard time reading this, although it was quite thin. Because of the inner monologues that were so present in this book, the plot never seemed to move forward. However, after discussing it in the seminar, I realized how beautiful the story is. It is a pity that the writing style ruins the fun in reading this wonderful story from one of the most talented authors of our time.

3. Oliver Twist by Charles Dickens:


I feel so sad that I did a hard time reading this novel. I actually liked the plot of this story, but somehow I had problems with the writing style of Dickens. Probably it was because of the difference in time. But perhaps it was because this has been one of the first english classics I have read.

4. Michael Kohlhaas by Heinrich von Kleist:


THIS. IS. LITERALLY. THE. WORST. BOOK. EVER! I had to read this for school, for my A’levels, and I swear, if all books in the world were like this one, I would hate reading. It was sooo boring, and annoying. And then the writing style was just horrible! One sentence went over a paragraph. After this, I realized that there were asshole authors in the world, who didn’t want to entertain their readers, but torture. Please, my dear readers, whatever you do, DON’T. EVER. READ. THIS!

5. The Enchantress of Florence by Salman Rushdie:


Another book that I feel sorry not to have enjoyed. I am actually still not finished with this book, but I just couldn’t go on. However, I still want to finish this. I actually like the writing style. But the plot is so slow, and there is only past and history being told in this book. That is also a pity I think.

6. James Miranda Barry by Patricia Duncker:


Actually, this book was quite interesting from the topic. And also the plot was very interesting. But somehow, I couldn’t get along with the style of writing.

7. The Left Hand of Darkness by Ursula K. Le Guin:


In my opinion, this was very absurd. A world without specifind genders sounded too abstract for me. I mean, okay, there are many feminists who want to achieve equal rights for both men and women. And I really support that. But reading a book about a world in which people without specific genders live, and who can actually change between male and female for mating, was something that I couldn’t imagine. I mean, how should I be supposed to identify myself with a character? Hard thing. If I can’t identify myself with a character, I automatically don’t like the whole book usually. And to be honest: I didn’t even finish this book.

8. Over to you by Roald Dahl:


I just finished this book today, and I haven’t enjoyed it a bit. There were only two short stories in this collection that I liked: Madame Rosette, and African Story. The others were just uninteresting. It was only about war pilots.

9. Eragon series by Christopher Paolini:


I think Paolini did an overkill with this series. Each book was just HUGE! I am sure that he easily could have omitted half of the pages for each book. Well, I only managed to read the first two books. And it was just sooo long! Although the first book was actually not bad, I was happy after I finished it, because it was really lengthy. And I am not planning to pick up the third book of this series very soon.

10. Zahir by Paulo Coelho:


I read this book in the summer holidays, and I was hugely disappointed. The other books I have read from Coelho were astonishing. This was confusing and a bit boring. The plot was not very exciting, and there wasn’t anything important going on.

This was my list. It was easier to find so many books than I had imagined.

What about you? Do have any hard read? What are the books that were hard for you to read?

Thanks for reading!


6 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday: Books That Were Hard to Read

  1. Mrs Dalloway is a wonderful book. It’s probably my favourite modernist text. I did struggle with it at first when I read it for uni, but once I got into the writing style I found it enthralling :)


  2. I actually haven’t read Oliver Twist (well I’m from Malaysia and we don’t have the book in our must-read-English-books list. I’d like to read it but now am concerned about not enjoying the book. I’m still stuck with first chapter of Emma. I have problem understanding Jane Austen’s English. Hhhmm

    Anyway feel free to check my Top Ten list


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