Book Review: Balzac and the Little Chinese Seamstress by Dai Sijie


Original Title: Balzac et la Petite Tailleuse chinoise

Author: Dai Sijie

Published: 2010 by Gruner (First published 2000)

Genre: Historical Fiction

Page Count: 183 (Hardcover)

I read this book during the summer holidays. It was a light read in terms of the writing style, but in terms of the topic, it is a hard one.

That is also why the book didn’t make me feel too good. It was quite interesting getting to know many things about post-war China, but the Love Story that is being told here was too sad for me. I am also not too sure if I really like all three main characters involved in this story. The reader gets to know them quite well during the novel. But I am not sure if I like the characters. All of them made the wrong decisions, and that’s also why the book came to a sad end. I want to say that I tend to dislike books with a sad ending, unless it is cleverly devised. This ending was too frustrating for me. I don’t know why, but it also made me angry a little bit :/

Still, even though the ending might not be great, the writing style of this novel is beautiful! And the information one gets about culture and history is stunning. Reading never gets boring, because the reading flows easily. This was quite helpful against the hard content.

Final rating – 3/5: A good read for anyone who prefers a flowing language and a dramatic turn in the plot.


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