Book Review: A Game of Thrones by George R. R. Martin


Original Title: A Game of Thrones

Series: A Song of Ice and Fire

Author: George R. R. Martin

Published: March 4th, 2011. Bantam. (First published January 1st, 1996)

Genre: Fantasy, Adventure

Page Count: 835 pages. Paperback.

Finally! The review for this wonderful book. I finished this book one week ago I think. and I fell in love sooo much with this! I just can’t understand how some people rate this book with only 1 star on goodreads. I just can’t imagine that it is possible, because this book holds so many features and genres that I am sure every literature fan who reads this has to like it. I am not saying this without a reason. Before I bought and read this book, I also was sceptical. Because I didn’t enjoy the Lord of the Rings books years ago, I thought that I wouldn’t like GoT either. But it just turned out to be different. Of course, I can imagine that there are many people who would be afraid to touch this book, because of its thickness. And the fact that many people have prejudices against fantasy novels being complicated and hard to read. But that is not the case with this. I want to praise this book as one of the best novels I have ever read.

One of the best things I liked about this book was that the chapters were divided according to the different characters, so the book is always told from the point of view of different characters. By this, the realms of the world reach to all different point of views. It is not only the world of one character, but the world of all the characters in the story. The novel is written in third-person naration. And since I love books with many different characters, this is just accurately for my taste.
My favorite characters are Jon, Arya and Tyrion. But I also liked Daenerys and Tyrion’s father Tywin. Especially Tyrion is a character, that is very similar to me somehow. I had also done some quizzes and tests on the internet, and I got the result of being similar to Tyrion :D I am not an Imp, but I am quite small :’D And the way he behaves is similar to me. He is being mocked often because of the way he is, but he never takes it seriously and is able to laugh about himself. I am also like that. I often laugh about my flaws. And I think many people should be like him. Then we would have more happy people :) However, he was probably the only Lannister I liked.
I despised almost every Lannister, especially Joffrey and Cersei. And I also hated Catelyn. I think I hate her more than the Lannisters even o.O Her decision are always sooo bad and always lead to chaos or a showdown. And her stupid childhood friend Littlefinger is so annoying. Both of them are guilty in the death of one of the most important characters… I just won’t spoiler anything. 

I am so excited for the second part, since the first part ended so… so mindblowingly! What the heck was that?!
Well, I have to say, that it already belongs to my all-time favorite fantasy books. Many people will judge me for that now, but I liked that book better than the two Lord of the Rings books I read. Those were just so boring -.- I think it has to do with the writing style. I just couldn’t get along with that. Here, in the Game of Thrones, the writing style couldn’t be more perfect! It is easy to read, yet doesn’t lack any details or embelishments, also the way of speaking of the characters fits to that time and world. So good! You just have to read it for yourself.
Oh and I LOVE the direwolves!
And the Stark’s motto couldn’t fit better now. The time I began reading this book couldn’t be more fitting: End of summer, soon we have winter. While reading this book, I always kept repeating to myself:
Winter is coming

Final rating – 5/5: I have nothing to complain about this. JUST READ IT!


15 thoughts on “Book Review: A Game of Thrones by George R. R. Martin

  1. I’m reading it now! I love Tyrion and hate Catelyn too, I’m always disappointed to see the next chapter is hers.
    LOTR uses a really dense writing style. I love the series but definitely see why people find it boring.


  2. Finally someone who hates Lord Of the Rings as much as I do! haha. I felt the same skepticism diving into GoT but reading these books was the best decision. Why the hate for Catelyn? I promise you the books keep getting better :)


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