21.09.2014: Trentemoller Concert in Stuttgart

Last week, I went to a concert of the danish DJ Trentemoller. My friend Nina gave me a ticket as a birthday gift. That day, it was also the birthday of my childhood friend Özi. It started in the afternoon, so I stayed there for about 3 hours or so, ate and drank some things. At about 5pm I went to the train station. Nina would enter the train at a later station. It took us quite some time to arrive at the place where the concert was supposed to be. It wasn’t in the centre of Stuttgart, but in a little town about 20 minutes away by train from there. Because we didn’t know how to get to the club where the concert took place, we were a bit early. But we asked a girl how to walk and she explained it to us. It was quite easy to find in the end. We also met two people, a guy and a girl (probably a couple) who also didn’t know how to get there. But we found it, and we even were 30 minutes too early. Entrance was at 7pm. Before the supporting act came on stage at 8 pm (I think), we stood around, talking and drinking. The club wasn’t that big, but I guess it is normal for an artist like Trentemoller who is only known to people who are interested that genre.

The supporting act was a bit strange. I am not sure if I liked him or not. I can’t remember his name anymore. He said it, twice, but I didn’t understand it. It was a very tall and skinny man, with high cheekbones, hollow cheeks, and huge bloodshot eyes. He looked quite creepy, definitely high on coke or heroin.


His music was a bit like a mixture of punk rock and minimal. He had a bass guitar at first, and was only playing some tunes. His lyrics was quite simple and repetitive, still he had sheets on the ground and read the lyrics of his songs from there. That was a bit of a weak performance. But the worst was yet to come: He picked up his guitar, and maltreated it in a way that only a child could do. He just jammed on the strings like crazy, without caring about notes or chords or anything. It was horrible. An insult to any guitar player. I wanted to cry after seeing this and was relieved when he picked up his bass guitar again.

I just wanted the supporting act to end. Although it didn’t start too bad, the guitar-raping just schocked me.

Well, at about 9pm Trentemoller and his supportive singers and supportive band came on stage. It was really remarkable. It was my first electronic concert that I have been to, and also the first concert in a club. Before, I had only been to concerts in big halls.

This is Trentemoller
Marie Fisker. She is also featured in the new album. Funny thing: While we were waiting the entry hall, she walked just past us and got inside o.O


20140921_215728 20140921_220013


Processed with VSCOcam with m5 preset Processed with VSCOcam with b1 preset

The concert ended at about 11pm. It was really awesoome. We danced all the time and there was no scrampbling at all. Everything was quite comfortable. We even were in the first row and didn’t have make an effort or push ourselves or anything.

Before the concert, Nina also met some people, two guys and a girl who bought the tickets from her a few weeks before (she works at a ticket selling office). When the concert ended, we all walked (or ran) to the train station in order to catch the earlier train. There were also other people from the concert running to the train. I guess most of the people had to go to the direction of Stuttgart. During the train ride, we talked with the others a bit.

I arrived at home at about 00.35 pm. It really was a great concert with people who were there just for the music, and not for the fandom. The tickets also were quite good-priced. I think about 29€

I really love concerts, and can’t wait for the next one, which is, brace yourselves: JACK WHITE! Yupp! I have ordered a ticket for his concert in Frankfurt and I am waiting for my ticket to arrive finally! I just can’t believe it. When I found out on Monday that he would come, I literally cried. I CRIED! And I trembled like hell! I just couldn’t believe if it was real or if I was dreaming, so I looked on the eventim page again and again. I am sooo excited and can’t wait November 14th to finally come around.

What about you guys? Do you like going to concerts? Which concerts have you already been to?

Thanks for reading!


2 thoughts on “21.09.2014: Trentemoller Concert in Stuttgart

  1. The way you discribe the first part is quiet disturbing. You present yourself as someone that likes alternative things (e.g the way you speak about trentmoller) but you obvioulsy missed the whole thing about the guy in the first part. i believe that if trentmoller asked him for the first part it wasn’t just to fill the stage while they are drinking some beers in the back…


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