Shopping Tour: New Shoes

Fall approaches slowly but surely, so after returning from vacation, I realized that I need some new shoes for fall and for winter, especially for winter. During the last winter, my boots got destroyed by the snow really badly, and my Converse Chucks have wholes everywhere now. I realized I had to go get some new shoes: Sneakers and Boots.

For sneakers, I was already searching for Leopard Vans for months. I didn’t want any other sneakers. Then, when I went to Stuttgart with my friend after I returned from Turkey, I discovered them: Leopard Vans at a sneaker’s shop. I didn’t have enough money with me, so I returned to the shop a few days later and finally bought them 79.95€

Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset

I looooveee them!

That day, I have also found two cheap books from the bookstore, each for 3€.

Aren’t the covers just beautiful?

Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to find any boots, especially Chelsea Boots which I am searching for years now -.- 3 years ago, when I first discovered those boots thanks to The Kills frontsinger Alison Mosshart, I wished Chelsea Boots. Back then, those shoes were not so popular yet, and the supply was quite low in the shops. When it comes to online shopping for shoes, I am a critical case, because I always have to try the shoes on at first. And now, since last year, those shoes got so popular, that every single girl wears them now -.- That pisses me off so much, because before it was fashionable, people didn’t even know what Chelsea Boots looked like -.- Well, whatever. I am sure that I will soon find the a perfect pair of them.

1 week after I got my Vans, and after unsuccessfully looking for boots in several shops, my brother offered me to go to the Outletcity Metzingen and look for boots in Timberland. On a monday, he picked me up after work and we went shopping. It was a nice day, and after strolling through some shops, I found some great boots in Timberland, for only, brace yourselves, 29.90€. Yepp! Timberland shoes! I also was shocked. I strolling along the shelf and looked at the prices, and always the same price: 90.99€ 99.95€ And then BAM! 29.90€ And I was like WUAAAT! The shoes even look quite good, although they are higheeled.


I hope I will have a good time with them. And if not, I just spent 30€ for those :’D

What about you guys? Do you have some shoes on your fall/winter shopping lists? And what cheap bargains did you get hold of in the past?

Thanks for reading!


2 thoughts on “Shopping Tour: New Shoes

  1. Well its still pretty hot where I live at in the States but when it cools down Zara has some gorgeous fluffy scarves that I would love to get my hands on! Oh and The Night Circus is such a wonderful read :)


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