Book Review: Arcadia Burns by Kai Meyer


Author: Kai Meyer

Published: September 27th, 2010. Carlsen

Genre: Fantasy, YA

399 pages

It took me a while until I could finally finish this second part of a trilogy. It was not due to a boring plot, not at all, but more because of my uni stuff that kept on interfering with my reading :/ In the summer vacations, I could finally finish the book. It was overly exciting, especially the ending. The beginning of the book also started interesting with the video and Rosa’s friend Valerie. It was another part of Rosa we found out about now, her insecure past, but also a little bit about her New York party life. In some scenes, it felt like a more macabre version of Gossip Girl :’D
Kai Meyer really does a fantastic job with his writing style, the new creation of characters, the structure of the plot, and the description of complicated scenes which he manages to do in a light-to-read way.
There wasn’t actually much I didn’t like about this book. Maybe the end after the house burned down. Now I wonder how the last part of the trilogy will be like. I am really curious about all the stories about Arcadia.
Final rating – 5/5: Excellent plot, light but beautiful writing style, and new and interesting characters. Great literary job.


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