Summer Vacation Turkey 2014 – Wrap Up Part 5

Friday, 29th of August. Izmir:

That day we went to Karsiyaka to go shopping a little bit. I only had 4 days left there, and my sister just recently came, so we wanted to look for accessoires. I found these:

A Looney Tunes lip balm and a cute nail file :)

Later, in the evening, my sister and me went to a restaurant to eat something, before meeting our cousin later on who would leave from work at 11pm.


My cousin Irem’s colleague took her by car and before he brought us three to Irem’s house, we went to drink something warm in a cafe nearby. The night got quite cold, so we wanted to warm up a little bit.

Late in the night we went to Irem’s home where she lives with her grandma and her father. We saw her dog and greeted her cute grandma who welcomed us so nicely.

We drank a bit Malibu-Cherry together and talked a little bit. Then went to bed at 2 or 3 am, because we wanted to wake up early the next morning to go swimming in the sea a little bit.

Saturday, 30th of August. Izmir:

We woke up early, at about 9 am. We wanted to take the bus to the sea. Before we went, we fed Irem’s dog and watched her grandma’s birds a little bit.

He’s soooo cute!!! His name is Capak :)

20140830_093645 20140830_093721

Without having a breakfast, we left. Irem suggested to have breakfast there by the sea to which we agreed.

After a 30-minutes busride, we arrived. It was a beautiful place. There was a pier and a cafe. If you eat there at the cafe, you could use the canvas chairs and seat cushions as you wanted to. So, at first we ate something there for breakfast.

Turkish black tea and Kumru (A sandwich, in which the sesame bread is famous for)

After that, we went swimming in the sea.

IMG_20140830_113546 IMG_20140830_164813

The sea was really so beautiful. The perfect kind of sea that I like. Gets deep very fast, dark blue, and cool. We were in the water for about 30 minutes, then went out to get dry a little bit. We couldn’t stay too long because Irem had to go to work at 3 pm or so.

The beautiful flowers in Irem’s grandma’s garden

When we arrived, we went to shower and then dressed up. My sister and me returned home. My cousin went to the fair in Izmir, because that’s where she worked in the summer. In the evening, we wanted to visit her there and go to a concert from a famous turkish singer which took place there that day.

That’s how the fair looked like

When the concert was over, and Irem left her work at 11 pm, we left to go to a bar nearby at the bar street.


It was a shot bar and we got free inject shots at the entrance.

The sign says: I am not drunk, but I might get


We danced and had a lot of fun. These are the shots we ordered.

The shots were called Dawg, Sospiro, Oha, Popo, Ping


At about 1.30 am we left the bar and went to catch the bar. There, we got a bit stressed out, because we realized, that we had to fill up our bus cards. Irem hurried and ran to the next supermarket to charge it up and we waited for her. It was a marathon against time, because the bus should come in a few minutes. In the end, we caught the bus. However, it took quite long to arrived in the street nearby our house, because the bus stopped quite often.

At about 2.30 am we arrived at home and went to sleep immediately. I was so tired, and my feet hurt so badly.

Sunday, 31st of August. Izmir:

Today, Irem’s boyfriend wanted to take us out for breakfast. He picked us up at about 10 am. His friend was also there, so we went to a location to have breakfast and talk. His boyfriend is very nice and funny, also quite talkative. And his friend was also a very talkative person, so we always had something to talk about. Time flew by so fast while we sat there for about 3 hours, eating and talking :’D At 2 pm we had to leave, because Irem had to go work again. Her boyfriend drove us home and then he would take Irem to work.

In the evening, our aunt’s invited us to a wedding eve-party of their relatives. It took place in the back streets. We went there, but my sister, my cousin Funda and me only stayed for about an hour, then we went to our place to eat and drink a little bit. Half an hour later, our parents also returned and we all sat together, drank Malibu or tea, ate chocolate and talked. After midnight, they left for home as well.

Monday, 1st of August. Izmir:

That day, I packed my suitcase and the rest of the day I relaxed, drank tea, and continued reading “A Game of Thrones”.

20140901_113556 IMG_20140901_124755

Tuesday, 2nd of August. Izmir/Stuttgart:

That day, we went to Karsiyaka for the last time to shop for the last few things to pack, like gifts for friends and family. We left early in the morning to have breakfast there.


I also found a book by Orhan Pamuk.

After breakfast, we went to buy some turkish delight.

Top shelf right side: Turkish delight with rose water and pistachio Top shelf left side: Turkish delight with honey Middle shelves: Turkish delight with chocolate Lower shelf right side: Normal Turkish delight Lower shelf left side: Turkish delight with fruits
Here, the ones on the right side are all with pistachio. The ones on the left side are all with pomegranate

We bought a mixed package of turkish delight from here. I especially like the ones with pomegranate and orange.

Later, we met with Irem again for the last time. It wouldn’t be a long absence, because she would also do her Erasmus this year in Prague, and we want to visit her on New Year’s Eve. At about 2pm we made it home. We prepared the last things and then left for the airport at 4pm. There, my suitcase had overweight, so we had to leave some things, or put them in my backpack. The rest of the day didn’t go as I imagined. The next mishap was the belated plane. My plane should take off at 7 pm, but it got delayed for over an hour. Of course, everyone there stressed out, and looked for a wifi – code to write their friends and relatives who would pick them up when landed. Me and a woman with her older son looked at the kiosk and found a wifi code. I even saw a girl I knew from my old school who was also in the same plane as me. Finally, at 8pm it took off. The whole flight over, there was a little child crying all the time. When we landed, my head was about to explode. I arrived at 10 pm in Stuttgart, and until I got out, it was about 10.30pm. Yet, another problem: When I took my luggage, I noticed a big, sticky stain on it. I almost exploded of rage. Some idiot probably put jelly or something sweet in his/her luggage, and that stuff leaked out and onto my baggage. Later, my father brought some wet tissues from the toilets to wipe it off. I was so pissed off by the turkish people myself, because they always do shit like that. Taking food from Turkey in their luggages. No wonder that something like that happens. Well, after raging for minutes, my father calmed me down and we went home. I was too tired to get out my stuff from my luggage, so I did it the next day.

All in all, I had great vacations, with lots of yummy food, good weather, nice books to read and a lot of people I met.

How were your holidays?

Thanks for reading all of this :D


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