Summer Vacation Turkey – Wrap up Part 2

Friday, 1st of August. Izmir:

That day, the president was to come to Alsancak to held a speech. My mum is a big fan of him, so we went there in the afternoon. We went shopping before that, and ate a pizza. I found some cool leopard trousers from Zara, and we bought a lot of accessoires.

While my mum was at the speech, I strolled around the place, and then sat down inside a cafe called Özsüt. It is famous for its tasty cakes.


That’s the cutest cake I have ever eaten. It is called zip zip Tavsan (hop hop bunny).
While waiting for my mum, I drank a cool, fresh lemonade and  read “City of Bones”

My mum left the speech early in the evening. She also sat next to me and drank a cup of tea. Then we headed home with the ferry.

IMG_20140801_235728 20140801_194456

When we arrived home, our aunt called and told us that she would come to us with her daughter. We made plans to go to the beach the next day. We went to the same beach town where we went on Wednesday.

Saturday, 2nd of August, Izmir:

We left the house in the late hours of the morning. In the afternoon we arrived and at first we ate something. After that, my cousin and me went to look for a bed&breakfast. We also found a cute stay. 80 TL per night, so each of us had to pay 20 TL. That was quite cheap.


IMG_20140802_231617 IMG_20140803_140045

The view from our bed and breakfast :)


IMG_20140802_192826 IMG_20140802_210403 20140802_194742

After we put our stuff into our room, we went to the beach. It was already 6 pm or something like that, so most of the people were already gone. Unfortunately, the sea wasn’t calm that day, but we still wanted to go swimming. In the evening, we were too tired to do anything except eating dinner.

Sunday, 3rd of August, Izmir:

That day, I watched a lot of animals like cats and bumblebees before heading to the beach :’D There, I read and swam in the sea most of the time. In the evening, my cousin had bought a bottle of vodka and we drank it after dinner. Then, we decided to go outside to stroll around the streets and sit in a bar.

This is the most beautiful cat I have ever seen.
Bumblebees <3
Beach readings
The Tower
I don’t know why my mum bought a chocolate tart from the supermarket. It melted while I tried to rip open the package :’D But the ice tea is yummy! It is with melon taste! Fusetea is the best ice tea ever!
This was my dinner :D a fish sandwich


When sitting at the bar, drinking and listening to music, this beautiful dog came to say hello ^^ I think I know that dog from 3 years ago. Its name is Ares, and he is so clever!

Monday + Tuesday, 4th+5th of August. Izmir:

This little, black cat followed us the night before. It was so cute. It meowed all the time when I talked to it. I felt like a mother :’D And when we wanted to go inside our room, we told her to stay outside. She wailed the whole night :'(
Eating corn at the beach is one of the typical turkish things you do on vacation :)
A beach selfie without having the beach at the background :D stupid me

Wednesday, 6th of August. Izmir:

This was the day we returned back home again. We left the bed & breakfast in the morning and went to a cafe by the sea to have breakfast there. The weather was hot, and it was not easy with all those bags we had to carry. But in the end, we made it home in the late afternoon hours. I was just too tired for anything.

Thursday, 7th of August, Izmir:

While we were at the beach the last few days, my father’s cousin called us and invited us to his house. He just got a daughter, and we also wanted to see her. So that day, we decided to visit him. For that, we had to take the ferry. When we arrived, he picked us up.

He lives inside of a site. It is a condominium with a park and a pool included which can be used by all the people living there. When we arrived, the daughter was still sleeping, but later she woke up, and she is such a cute, tiny girl *o*

Taken on the ferry

20140807_111320 20140807_111350

That’s cute little Alya with her mother in the background :’D I played with her all day until I was tired :D

Friday, 8th of August. Izmir:

I spent that day entirely at the pool, Reading, sweating, swimming a little, and repeating all over.


Saturday, 9th of August. Izmir:

This was our last day at our relative’s house. We packed our things and then left in the afternoon, but not before saying goodbye to the newborn kittens that live in the garden there <3

I love the grey one on the left side <3 so cute! but the black-and-white one is also cute. I wish I could take one of them home, but I have an allergy :/
Gone with the wind on the ferry
Dinner at the barbeque restaurant again :D This is some chicken kebab with rice and vegetables.

Sunday, 10th of August. Izmir:

That day, we went to our aunt’s. They invited us, and it was right on time, because I had to hand in an essay for the next day, and hadn’t even begun writing. We went there, and I spent the whole day writing my 4-page-essay. In the evening, I was quite exhausted. I sat on the balcony and talked with my aunt, uncle and mum a little bit, then went to sleep.

Monday, 11th of August. Izmir:

Because I was so busy the day before, my cousin wanted to take me out for dinner together with her friends. I already knew two of them before, and there was also another girl who was also married just like my cousin. At first, we drank some turkish mocca in the afternoon. The two friends of my cousin were also there. At 7pm or so, we went outside to eat pizza. It was a cute, calm location. After that, we went to a cafe by the sea to drink something.

20140811_121612 20140811_195810 20140811_202136

In the evening, we returned home again.

This was already the second part of my holiday’s wrap up. The third pat includes a lot of shopping :)


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