Summer Vacation Turkey 2014 – Wrap Up Part 3

Wednesday, 13th of August Izmir:

That day, we went to the bazaar and I bought some cute jewellery for me and my friends. The Deathly Hallows bracelet you see there was purchased that day, and I am so happy <3


Thursday, 14th of August. Izmir:

That day, we went to the newly opened shopping mall, Optimum. I haven’t been there yet, and I only heard positive things about it. My aunt also joined us. When arrived I looked inside an outlet tent from a shoes brand called Bambi. It is a famous brand there, and they really have beautiful shoes. I actually found some sandals for 40 TL there. They are quite pretty :)


This is how the mall looks from the inside.
There is even an ice rink there o.O in the middle of 40° summer :D


We looked around the shops a little bit. Then, my cousin from Germany called. She was also in Turkey, even close to the mall, so we said she can come see us there if she wants. She came with her husband while we were upstairs eating. It was funny seeing her of all places in Turkey :D

Kumpir. Turkish term for baked potato. So yumm!

After eating, we continued to go into some more shops. I fell in love with a shop called OXXO. There, I found a leopard kimono. Yeah, I know, I am a leopard freak :D


Towards the late afternoon, we got tired and called it a day. To rest a little bit, we went to the cafe Özsüt. I just drank a coffee drink.


In the evening, the Hunger Games was coming on TV so we watched it. My aunt was amazed by the story, but my mum didn’t like it and stopped watching -.- I am definitely not a little bit like my mum :’D

Friday, 15th of August. Izmir:

That day we went to the coiffeur. I wanted to have my legs waxed. I only paid 10TL for both legs. Thats about 4€… for that price you can’t even get your eyebrows plucked here in Germany… It is so expensive ><

After that, we strolled through the shops and then went to eat something.

This is the biggest Lahmacun I have ever eaten o.O

Monday, 18th of August. Izmir:

That day, I met my cousin Irem again. She was a bit stressed out and tired, but we went to the cinema to watch Lucy (later about that movie in a separate post), and later to a restaurant to eat something.

Before eating something, we met two friends of my cousin at a bar and drank something.

20140818_192205 IMG-20140819-WA0004

Early in the evening, we parted. My cousin was just too tired to walk around any longer.

Tuesday, 19th of August. Izmir:

That day, my sister should arrive during the night. I spent the whole day reading together with my aunt.

My plate :)

Wednesday, 20th of August. Izmir:

We spent that day at Karsiyaka with my sister. My aunt also came with us. After that, we went to Optimum again so that my sister could also see it.

I saw this bag the week before, but didn’t buy it back then. I regretted it of course, and looked for it every time after that. Then I finally found it at Karsiyaka and bought it immediately :) Isn’t it cute? It is made of velvet <3
This was our lunch. Tantuni
i fell in love with these dresses from a shop called Forever New. *o* So beautiful clothes, but quite expensive.
At the end, we went to Özsüt again. This time, I ate a blueberry cake

When arriving home, we prepared our suitcase. The next day we would head to Marmaris for a 5-star hotel. More about it in the next post. Unfortunately, I am too tired for today, so I am going to sleep now.

Thanks for reading :)


8 thoughts on “Summer Vacation Turkey 2014 – Wrap Up Part 3

    1. Thanks :) Yes, they really were so cute, but I sometimes pitied the cats and dogs which lived in the streets. Although the people in the neighbourhood always take good care of them :)
      Yes, the holidays were quite nice :)


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