Summer Vacation 2014 in Turkey – Wrap Up Part 1

Hello dear readers, I am back!! To be exact, I already returned last week on Tuesday, but I was so busy that whole week that I couldn’t post anything yet :/ I will also report about my post vacation time here, of course, but before it all gets confused, I wanted to share with you my holidays.

Friday, 25th of July. Stuttgart/Izmir:

I had my flight to Turkey. I had to take my laptop with me as well, because I had to write an essay until the 11th of August, so I had to do that in Turkey. I also had lots of books with me, and tried to read “Divergent” at the airport while waiting for my plane. Unfortunately, that didn’t work out as I had imagined. While I was waiting, there were 3 or 4 women who kept on talking to me all the time, so I couldn’t concentrate on my book properly :/


But fortunately, I could read on the plane for fully 3 hours. The woman seated next to me noticed already that I like reading :D She was funny. Before the plane took off, she swallowed some pills, I think in order to calm down. Then, during the whole flight, she was asleep, and her husband had to nudge her all the time, because her head kept falling on my side all the time :’D It didn’t disturb me, though. It was quite entertaining somehow.

When I arrived in Turkey in the late afternoon, my mum picked me up at the airport, and we drove home by train. We both were super hungry, especially me, because I only had a breakfast early in the morning, and since food on the plane is not included in the ticket price, I refused to buy an overexpensive sandwich, and waited until we landed. A good idea, as it turned out, because when we brought the luggage into the house, we went outside for dinner at once.

We went to the famous shopping and food street in Izmir, called Karsiyaka. It is very popular among the people living there, and also among other turkish people. It is told that the girls there are very pretty. In general, there is a saying that the most beautiful girls in Turkey come from Izmir :)

20140725_190020 20140725_192052

This is what I ate at a barbecue restaurant. These are Köfte (Meatballs) scolloped with cheese on a bed of bread <3 It was so yummy, and very filling.

After eating, we strolled through shops and went to exchange some money. I even found some new clothes.


Then we walked to the harbor to sit by the sea.


At the weekend, I didn’t do a lot, except relaxing and reading.

Saturday, 26th of July. Izmir:

Turkish breakfast
Review about “Divergent” is coming soon :)
Dinner. Beans, Rice and Salad.
The view of our balcony by night

Sunday, 27th of July. Izmir:

Breakfast with Omellet and Simit (turkish pastry with sesame. Has the shape of a ring)
I have read all day on the balcony that day, until I god a sunburn on my back :’D I also finished Divergent that day and made the Faction Quiz. My results were Amity and Dauntless :’D Funny, right? The two opposites.

Monday, 28th of July. Izmir:

That day, bayram (religious holiday after Ramaddan) began, and my aunt and uncle came together with my older cousin for dinner.

Tuesday, 29th of July, Izmir:

The second day of bayram. We visited my step grandma. It was a hot day, but it was a nice, familiar feeling to sit at the huge balcony on one of the divans right inbetween the flowers and the bunch of grapes.


The grapes always remind me of my grandpa. He is dead since 2007. The balcony will soon be gone as well. New buildings are planned for that area.


After staying at my step grandma for a few hours, we went to the aunts of my father. They also had a lot of visitors, also a few girls my age. In the evening, they invited us to go picknicking by the sea. Yeah, I know, but it is normal in Turkey to go picknicking in the evening, since it is too hot during the day :’D

Wednesday, 30th of July. Izmir:

That day, we went to a little town by the beach. We had already spent our summer in 2011 there, so we knew the place. It was the last day of bayram, so the beach was as filled as I have never seen it before.

20140730_105828 20140730_122604 20140730_144805

20140730_183855 20140730_194039

In the evening, we returned and arrived at 11 pm at home.

Thursday, 31th of July. Izmir:

That day I finally met up with my stepcousin Irem. At first I went shopping with my mum in the afternoon. Then, towards the evening, I met Irem at the train station and we went to drink and eat some things in Alsancak. Alsancak is a town in Izmir which is famous for its nightlife.

This bar was quite funny. They had food and a lot of tasty drinks. We have only drunk something here.
This was my dinner. They made some really yummy food at this restaurant called Bisquitte. The drinks were also great!
This lemonade tasted so good :) Not sure if you can see it on my face ;D

After dinner, we got some Heineken from the supermarket and sat down on the lawn in front of the sea. In the evening, there are a lot of young people sitting outside on the lawn, drinking, talking, playing the guitar,…


I arrived home at about 11 pm.

This was one week of vacation. In Part 2 there is another few days spent at the beach, a lot of animals, and poolside relaxing.


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