Exam stress for nothing

As I have already written here, I was stressed out the last few days and weeks because of my exams, especially my oral exam for which I had to read a ton of books.

I have studied the last three days like crazy. Wrote down all the background informations about the books I have read. My butt and neck, and back still hurt from sitting all the time.

This morning, I should have my oral exam from 11.00 – 11.30 am. I went to uni 1 hour earlier, so that I could read through my notes again. When I went upstairs to knock on the office door of my professor, I noticed that the door was locked. Instead, there was a note on the door, saying that the professor would not be reachable at the moment, in case of questions, we should ask his secretary in the office in front of his. So I went inside and asked about the oral exam. Of course, there was no substitute prof at the moment who would be there to examine me. The exam had to be delayed now. I should write her an e-mail whether I want to take the exam in the near future with a substitute prof, or if I want to wait until October to take the exam with my original Prof. I wrote her now that I would like to take the exam in September with a substitute prof. When I asked her about what happened to the Professor, she wouldn’t tell me o.O So, I am not sure what happened to him, but I am a little bit pissed off that nobody told me about the professor’s absence. All the studying was for nothing. Instead, I could have written my Translation II essay -.- Now I have to carry all my dictionaries to Turkey and write it there… What a pain in the ass!!!

I am wondering why all such things keep happening only to me… Somehow I think that Karma (if there really is something like that) never wanted me to study English at that university from the first place -.-

Well, yeah, I imagined this day to be glorious, ending with a relief, but now I am more stressed and worried. I can’t even properly look forward for my vacation in Turkey now -.-


2 thoughts on “Exam stress for nothing

  1. It’s definitely not just you. Universities in general seem to be ballsy about admin – I have also had exams delayed and no one thought to email or phone to let me know what was going on. I have also been called weeks after the exam to say they lost my paper. Study is never wasted though, so while it’s irritating, at least you learned some stuff :)


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