Birthday Celebrations

FINALLY I am able to post about my birthday celebrations two weeks ago. I was so busy the last few weeks, that I really couldn’t find any day for posting it. Actually, I am still busy right now, the next week might even be busier than the weeks before, but well, it is sunday, and I will just take the time for me and my blog now :)

Two weeks ago, on Friday the 4th of July it was my birthday. So, as you can see, I was born on Independence Day. I am no American, though, and I have never been to the US, but I have met some Americans during the course of my studies here in Germany :) And I also wanted to do an exchange year in the US, but for financial reasons, it didn’t work out. If you have been following this blog for over a year, you will know the exact reasons.

Anyway, the day began quite normal. I went to work for 4/1/2 hours, and even got a present from my chef :D


I am not sure what this book is about, but I will soon find out if I will read it :)

The day also had another event, namely the Worldcup match between France and Germany. I missed the first part of the match because I sitll had to work, but I made it for the second part. However, the match was not very exciting.

The next day was even better. I had organized a little birthday celebration at a restaurant in Stuttgart. A few of my friends also came, especially some I seldom see :) I was quite happy that they found time to celebrate with me, although most of them had to leave early already.


I celebrated at the Sultan Saray again this year. The turkish restaurant :) The food was delicious, but there was a little problem when my friend wanted to leave to catch their train, the waiters told them to wait a little bit, because they were stressed due to Ramaddan. But later, the waitress apologized, and I offered her a chocolate I got from my friend as a birthday gift :D She was very grateful for the chocolate, and that made me quite happy as well :)


My friend Giuli was also present, but she took the photo :)

After the rest was gone, we were only 5 people. My sister, my friend Giuli, my friend Keddy, a friend from my job, and me. We also paid at about 10.30 pm and went outside to watch the football match between Costa Rica and the Netherlands. I also got a bottle of wine as a gift from my friend Yen, so we drank it outside.

After the match was finished (after midnight, due to penalty), we went to the club next to the restaurant. They play Hip Hop there, so it was a good place to continue celebrating.


Yupp, that’s me dancing :’D

We left the place at about 3 or 4 am. When I was in bed, it was 6 am I think.

It was a fun night with all my kind friends and funny people :) And here is my gift haul :)

A lot of chocolate and birthday cards. I even got my Hogwarts letter *o* They contained a bookstore voucher. Then I got a new phone case, lipsticks (MAC and Avon), showering gel and body lotion, key pendants, a lollipop, Nori, a book about Facebook…

And a friend of mine who couldn’t make it to my birthday gave me some endlessly cute presents *o*

Here they are:



Can you believe it??!??! A Sailor Moon mug :O And extremely cute Luna and Artemis key pendants :’) And a bookstore voucher of course :D My friend really must be crazy to give me all of this … o.O

Okay, enough showing off for today ;D

I hope you enjoyed this post, despite of all the cute pictures ;)

Thanks for reading!


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