Booktubeathon Wrap up

Hi guys, Today is the last day of the Booktubeathon. It started on monday, and it required us to read 7 books. Here, you can read about my book pile.


In the course of one week, I managed to read two books! That is so great for me, because this week was so full due to exams, so it is a good statistics for me, since I am sometimes unable to finishe even one book in one week :)

Here is a summary:

Books I finished: “Never Let Me Go” by Kazuo Ishiguro (read from Monday, 14.07 – Saturday, 19.07.), “Kitchen” by Banana Yoshimoto (read from Tuesday, 15. 07. – Thursday, 17.07.)

Book I am reading right now: “City and the River” by Arun Joshi (page 108)

Total amount of pages I read during one week: 549. I know, not so much. Some people read that on only one day, but as I said before, I was busy with exams. And the books I read were quite thin :)

So far to the summing up part :) Furthermore, I also managed to participate in one challenge, namely the Book Rainbow challenge :) I think it was Challenge Nr. 5. I also wanted to participate in Challenge Nr. 2, but I couldn’t find any objects fitting to the covers :’D Here is my rainbow stack


How was your booktubeathon? Did you manage everything?

Thanks for reading


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