Book Review: “Kitchen” – Banana Yoshimoto


Author: Banana Yoshimoto

Genre: Contemporary

First Published in: January 1st, 1988

Pages: 202

A friend of mine lent this to me weeks ago, and I just managed to read it this week for the booktubeathon, because I had to give it back to her since she goes to another city to continue studying, and I won’t be able to see her soon again. But I was happy that I still managed to read this, despite of all the exams I had. I even managed to finish this in 2 days time o.O It really fit well into my booktubeathon, and by thursday, I have finished my first book :)

Now to the story. I really loved it! It is written in a minimalistic style, but Yoshimoto managed to put in all the emotions in so little words and sentences *o* It was a touching story, I had tears in my eyes all along :’) It is also a cheering and hopeful story. It tells you that no matter what happens in life, you should always hold on, and keep on, because a time will come when everything will be fine again.

Since Kitchen is about an every-day story in which, however, death is also inflicted, I think that everyone can identify her- or himself with the characters. It is something most of us has experienced, and if not, most of us is likely to symphatize with the characters.

What confused me a little bit, though, was the third, and last part of the book in which she tells her life with Hitoshi. I was confused that the story didn’t conclude with her and Yuichi living in peace together now. But somehow, that last part was very interesting, also with the girl at the end telling her about the appearances by the river. That had something of Magic Realism which was another reason why I liked this part, especially the book :)

This is the second book of Yoshimoto I have read by now, and it is even better than “Goodbye Tsugumi”. Can’t wait to read more from her :)

Final rating – 5/5: Minimalistic Writing style describing big emotions.


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