Book Review: “Brave New World” – Aldous Huxley


Author: Aldous Huxley

Genre: Dystopia, Science Fiction

First published in: 1932

Pages: 229

This novel amazed me in a different way than 1984 did. In 1984, I was amazed due to its frightening reality that could easily be applied to our society today. In Brave New World, I would go as far as to consider this described world not as dystopia, but as utopia. For many people it would be a great world to live in, in which you get drugs for free, and in which you are not supposed to lead a serious relationship, or even to marry someone. It is a society that fosters people to have a lot of sex with as many different people as possible. Furthermore, in this society, even the middle-class and low-class people don’t have to work hard. It seems to be a perfect world, but then, the ‘savage’ comes who stands for the old society, namely, our society today in which we marry and have a family, and in which we have to work hard to secure a good living. The contrast between those two worlds is unbelievably written by Huxley. Still, one wonders what the point of all this might be. For me, I thought that this book does not only compare a utopian/dystopian world to our world today, but also stands for a tribute to family love. That’s what I especially felt while reading this. And I liked that the message of this book is not as obvious as it seems :)

Final rating – 5/5: An unbelievable world created by an author with an amazing writing style. And the message behind it is immense.


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