World Cup 2014 Finale

Finally, the day has come! It is the last game of the World Cup. I am not sure if I should be sad or relieved that this Tournament has reached its end. On the one hand, I am sad because there won’t be any matches to watch now, but on the other hand I am relieved because now, I can full concentrate on my exams and readings.

This year, I have watched some games at the Public Viewing, also two German games – Germany – Ghana and Germany – USA. Both were a bit disappointing I have to say. The first match, Germany – Portugal I have watched during my chinese class on my tablet :’D And after the game the main street was closed so that the busses couldn’t continue driving :’D


It was quite a good Worldcup for Germany actually. And today, they are at the finale. I actually hoped for a Germany-Netherlands Finale, and I was very furious that Argentina won, because the rest of their matches were horrible. Netherlands would really have deserved it, because they had such a great tournament. They have won all the games, except for the penalty against Argentina -.- And all this because the goalkeeper couldn’t be changed anymore… That was quite frustrating. But well, the Netherlands have to try next time in Russia then.

So, today, I am hoping for Germany to kick-ass! And I really believe it, because Argentina plays too defensive. I don’t really think that the Germans will have any problems against this defensive wall. And the Argentinians only brag about having Messi, instead of relying on a good team. That’s why I think that Germany is way better.

Are you guys also watching the match? Who are you cheering for?

Thanks for reading.


4 thoughts on “World Cup 2014 Finale

    1. Yes, they really played well, although I was a bit disappointed after the Algeria match. USA was also quite good. All the last world cups, USA didn’t stay in my mind as a good team, but after this world cup, they became one of my favorites. The players were new and young, and super talented. I liked that :)


      1. USA is stepping up their game a little, but they still need a lotttt of work. Hopefully they’ll improve by 2018. Congratulations to Germany! They had an amazing tournament and deserved to win :)


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