Book Review: “1984” by George Orwell


Author: George Orwell

Published in: 1949, London

Genre: Dystopian

326 pages

I am sorry that I was absent for such a long time, but I was busy with uni stuff, mostly reading books, and there was the Worldcup of course :D I went out of the house in the mornings, and returned in the evenings which was spent watching football.

I spent 2 weeks for this book which is a bit shameful, because I hoped to be faster. I still have to read 4 books for uni until the 24th of July. Plus I need to collect information about some books as well. And then study all of that :S I think I will go mad until the end of semester :’D

That’s also a reason why I won’t write a long review.

I have to say that I liked this book. Although it was written in a practical way, without a squiggling language, it was easy to read. The first two parts of the book however are my only critique, because these parts were a bit slow. In the first part, we mainly found out about the system of that dystopian time of 1984, and mainly about the Party and Big Brother. In the second part, we read about Winston’s secret relationship with Julia. It is not only a love relationship, but also one of rebellion against the Party. The third part was the most important, and most interesting one. The twist was unbelievable! I just couldn’t believe what was happening! I don’t want to spoil anyone here, but I was confused at first, and when I realized what must had happened, I was shocked, terrified, frightened!

The whole novel itself was quite terrifying, because of the harsh reality of being watched and controlled in everything the people were doing. And the most terrifying thing about that all is that George Orwell predicted our future. And he wasn’t so wrong with that. Of course, the observation and control is not as extreme as in the novel, but still it happens today by phones and the Internet. Today, we think that we are free, but we never are, because there is always something that enslaves us, be it money, succes, or education. We will always strive for something.

“War is peace, Freedom is slaver, Ignorance is strength”

This quote sums the novel perfectly up. And all the other 47382993778292 page markers I put between the pages of my book :’D

I could write about this novel for hours and pages, but I think that it would be best if you read it on your own :)

Final rating – 9/10: The beginning was a bit slow, but the ending compensated it :)


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