Hotties of the Worldcup 2014

After the first match has been played yesterday, I decided that it would be fun to do a football post only about the hot players. Of course, I don’t only watch football because of the hot players, but sometimes it can be entertaining to see that aspect as well, and not only strategies, predictions, and so on :) So, here we go.

1. Brazil:

– Thiago Silva:


Actually, never realized how beautiful this guy looks. He is both, cute and sexy at the same time :D His face looks somehow so pure and true, that you can’t do anything else than like him.

 – Oscar:


He is rather the cute, young one of the team, but his agile playing is unbelievable!



OMG! THIS GUY! IS SO HOT! Everytime I see a photo of him I loose my breath because of this beauty. Seriously, it is dangerous to look so good. It shouldn’t allowed :’D



He is literally like the real hulk with such an enormous body and height. And this face, wow, I am melting right now.

2. Croatia:

– Corluka:


He is not only hot, but also interesting: He has a Harry Potter Deathly Hallows TATTOO!!! I freaked out yesterday as I saw a hand in the camera with that tattoo, but didn’t know who that belonged to. Then I searched the entire Internet, and finally found out who that hand belonged to :’D

3. Brazil:

– Giovanni Dos Santos:


He looks younger than he is, but he seems to be full of energy with that big smile on his youthful face. Can’t wati to see him perform today.

4. Spain:

Iker Casillas:


The best goalkeeper in the world also is one of the hottest football players. Look at that face and don’t tell me that he is not hot.

Gerard Pique:


Another spanish bonbon. I guess they have as many beautiful players, as they have good players in their national team :’D In this case, we have Shakiras husband (or ex-husband?) with the deep blue eyes and full lips. A dream of a man.

Fernando Torres:


He has always been the cute guy with freckles. I once was a big fangirl of him, and he is still one of the most beautiful football players. He is also the fastest player if you haven’t known this ;)

5. Netherlands:

Wesley Sneijder:


He is my most favorite football player. In my opinion, he doesn’t even have the best long-distance-shooting technique, but he is also one of the hottest players with that mean look in his green eyes *o* Although he is quite smal, he seems to have a hot body. PLUS: he plays in my favorite football club, Galatasaray Istanbul :)

6. Chile:

Mauricio Pinilla


He looks quite grown-up and he has a beautiful face shape. I have to admit that I don’t know a lot (or rather anything) about him, but I just saw a picture of him and I had to admit that he is quite hot.

7. Australia:

Mitch Langerak


The Goalkeeper of Australia looks like a strange mixture of Justin Bieber and Chris Hemsworth :’D Seems like the result looks quite hot. No, I am not a Justin Bieber fan at all, but he has that baby face that Langerak also has, only mixed with a lot of manliness.

Tommy Oar


He somehow looks like Elijah Wood with green eyes. Yes, maybe Tommy Oar is not that hot, but he is beautiful, and come on, who doesn’t die for green eyes?

8. Greece:

Orestis Karnezis


Wow! Another hot goalkeeper, this time from the mediterrenean Greece. I see him for the first time right now, and he could easily compete with Casillas when it comes to looks. Now I have something to look forward to the Greece mathces ;D

9. Uruguay:

Diego Forlan

forlan (1)

Actually, he is not that beautiful, although he somehow looks like Bradley Cooper with a crooked nose. But please, look at that body! And the reason why I like him so much is because he is a badass football player *o*

Christhian Stuani


Uuuhh! Is it only me, or do you also think that he totally looks like James Franco?? I know, I tend to compare people with actors :’D but he actually does, doesn’t he?

10. England:

Jordan Henderson


Wow! When did that happen that the english football team actually had hot players. I guess he is new, but now I can’t wait to see England play, although I have to endure Wayne Rooney (buuuärk!)

Adam Lallana


Wow! Another newbie I guess! He has a calamity in his looks that at the same time looks so sexy! Yeahy! It’s time for the English football team to get some handsome guys for their team ;)

Jack Wilshere


He looks like a bad boy and a typical english gentleman at the same time. Wow! Well done England, well done!

11. Ivory Coast:

Didier Drogba


I realized this year, after seing him more often playing in Galatasaray, that he looks a lot like ASAP Rocky, and I am crazy for that guy. But I already liked Drogba in 2006 when the World Cup was held in Germany, and I discovered the good football players of the Ivory Coast. Drogba was the star of that team, and today, he is still one of the best and hottest players.

12. Switzerland:

Fabian Schaer


Wow, I didn’t know that there is actually a handsome player in the team of Switzerland :D But Fabian Schaer looks quite hot.

13. France:

Olivier Giroud


He actually looks a bit like the grown version of Zac Efron, but he looks quite hot, indeed!

14. Bosnia Herzegovina:


It is the first time at the World Cup for Bosnia Herzegovina, and look, they are even equipped with a hottie. Those eyes just kill me! Let’s hope for that team to defeat their opponents as well ;)

15. Germany:

Philip Lahm


Maybe he isn’t exactly what you would understand under hot or sexy, but no one can resist those big eyes and that bright smile :) Yes, he is my favorite german football player.

Matts Hummels


YES! That IS a GERMAN Football player! And he is goddamn hot! I think you’d believe me if I told you that women here go crazy about him. He is probably the sexiest thing the german national team ever had :D

16. USA:

Fabian Johnson


WOW! I am blown away right now!!! What a hottie! He looks charismatic, stylish, and beautiful all at once. Well done, USA.

17. Russia:

Aleksandr Kerzhakov


OMG! I. AM. LITERALLY. MELTING! That’s definitely my favorite hottie of the worldcup. Wow, look at those EYES!!! I wanna look at that picture forever! I hope he isn’t a substitute player. That would be quite sad.

Maksim Kannunikov


Damn! What’s going on with the russian players! Never noticed those hotties before! And this one looks a lot like Chad Michael Murray, only manlier :D

Well, that’s it! The list ooooveer!!! Of course I haven’t mentioned every country. It might be surprise for some of you that Portugal bonbon Ronaldo is missing, but in my opinion he is not such a hottie. And maybe you don’t agree with me on the beauty of some guys in this list, but that’s all a matter of taste of course. This post is actually only for the female football fans – or female football haters, in order to show them a better side of football ;) Oh, and gay men can also enjoy this list ;)

I hope you enjoyed this post that has become quite long, but it almost only consists of pictures, so it shouldn’t be quite a hard read ;) Maybe, if you might suffer of a heat wave in your body after reading this post ;D

Thanks for reading! I wish you all a lot of fun with the World Cup 2014.


5 thoughts on “Hotties of the Worldcup 2014

  1. You said you didn’t know that Switzerland had handsome footballplayer.. Well you can’t have seen Xhaka or Bürki then!! OMG they are like dayumn*o* Oh, and where’s Ronaldo?? Haha kissses


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