Uncomfortable Shoes

Right now, all I can do is sit around an move as little as possible. The reason, you ask? It is just because of a mean, pair of sandals I wore two days ago.


I actually wore those sandals the whole last summer, but somehow nothing happened. I only had a few little blisters after I newly bought them last year. But that’s normal I heard. After that, nothing happened. But this year, I kept getting really bad blisters from those shoes. 3 or 4 weeks ago, when I first wore them this year, I almost couldn’t make it home, because my feet were hurting so much. I bought all kinds of patches and put on all kinds of cremes and salves. Last week, they were almost gone. But then, on tuesday, the weather was hot again, and I happily wore my pink skirt and my sandals and fabulously went to Stuttgart to meet my sister and eat something. However, only after a few minutes of walking to the train station, my feet hurt so much. I had even used blister patches to prevent more of them showing up under my feet.

Of course, when I got home, I tried to open one up to let out the water inside. That’s such a relieving feeling, but at the same time it burns and hurts a bit. The next day which was yesterday, I realized I couldn’t put my left foot on the ground when walking. It hurt so much, so that I had to limp. Can you believe it??!! I can’t walk because of a blister!!! WHAT THE HELL! I have never had such a blister before, that it prevented me from walking. I can’t go anywhere now. The weather is amazing, and I have to sit at home. I can barely walk to the kitchen to get me something to eat. And tomorrow, I am actually supposed work, but I have to cancel that, because I obviously can’t get there :’D I don’t have to walk around at work, so I can actually sit, although i walk around to check out how the students are progressing with their exercises. But the problem is getting there. There is no one to drive me, and I can’t walk obviously. It is so annoying!!! >< I also can’t tell my boss that I can’t come to work because of a blister. I think telling her that I just hurt my foot is the best way. She would laugh at me, and I know, it is ridiculous, but it is the truth. One little blister prevents me from doing all the important things.

Now, what do we learn? Always buy comfortable shoes! Of course, the easiest solution are sneakers, but obviously, you can’t wear socks and sneakers in summer when it is 30 degrees outside. And now, I have to buy some new summer shoes for the vacations in July/August. I will try to opt for shoes or slippers with upholstered soles. I am not sure if I can find some in the shops. There is always the same. But it would be better if I found some in shops, because I always have to try them on. But else, if I order from zalando.de I can also send the ones that do not fit back without any fees. This shoe for example looks sweet and comfortable at the same time. I think I will have a look at this website now :) I also need some sneakers, maybe I can find both for good prices.

Wish me good luck!

What are your experiences with bad footwear? Tell me about your advices with blisters, that would help a lot :)

Thanks for reading!



6 thoughts on “Uncomfortable Shoes

  1. I’m a sandal girl, but now I have to wear insoles, sneakers/trainers are my summer footwear. There are some cute lightweight plimsoles around (and they can give you blisters as I’ve learnt today!) that look cute with shorts and dresses. They’re probably more comfier than sandals anyway with day of walking. The added bonus, you can hide your nails if you forget to manicure! Good luck!


        1. Unfortunately there is no Pull & Bear here in Germany o.O But I think there is an online shop. And in summer, I will go to turkey, there they have it :)
          I will probably look for slippers. In the past, I often wore beautiful slippers for summer. I never had blisters from them. Flats are also comfortable, and I never get blisters from those :)


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