World Cup 2014


Tomorrow, it is finally the time for a month full of football! You might not know, but I really enjoy watching football (soccer). I know that many people, especially girls think that football is quite boring, and sometimes, it can really be quite a boring match. But the exciting thing about football is that it is very difficult to make a goal. It demands concentration, good teamwork, and a little bit of luck. In basketball, things are quite different. There are points made almost every minute, and everything is going much faster than with football. It is more exciting to be honest, and quite nerve-wrecking sometimes, especially when you don’t watch it too often, and then the scores just change minute after minute :’D

Yes, I can say that I like watching sports, especially big, worldwide events like World Cups or Olympics. Now back to the topic. Tomorrow I can begin cheering for my favorite teams. Unfortunately, Turkey is not participating, they were too bad. But I am number 1 non-dutch fan of the Netherlands :’D And I am also cheering for Japan because they have Pikachu as a mascot. How awesome ist that!


I am so happy to watch the games of Japan. I hope Pikachu will be seen as well :D

I also don’t want to miss any Netherlands match. Now you probably wonder why I am so obsessed with that team. Well, in 2006 when the World Cup was in Germany, I discovered some dutch players such as Nistelrooy, van der Vaart, and Sneijder, the latter being my all time favorite player. He is also playing in my favorite club at the moment, the turkish team Galatasaray.


Another football player I am quite interested in now is Neymar, the Brazilian player. I haven’t seen him play this far yet, but I have seen some videos from him, and he is so talented o.O

Now, if I should predict any winner, I would say Brazil obviously. With a new talent, and the World Cup taking place in their country (despite of all the protests), I think it would be time for them again. When it comes to Spain, I don’t think that they will be in the final game.

Here is the game plan:


And now, here are my predictions:

Group A (Brazil, Croatia, Mexico, Cameroon):

Winner: Brazil

Runner-Up: Mexico

Group B (Spain, Holland, Chile, Australia):

Winner: Holland

Runner-Up: Spain

Group C (Colombia, Greece, Ivory Coast, Japan):

Winner: Ivory Coast

Runner-Up: Japan

Group D (Uruguay, Costa Rica, England, Italy):

Winner: Uruguay

Runner – Up: Italy

Group E (Switzerland, Ecuador, France, Honduras):

Winner: France

Runner – Up: Switzerland

Group F (Argentinia, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Iran, Nigeria):

Winner: Argentinia

Runner – Up: Nigeria

Group G (Germany, Portugal, USA, Ghana):

Winner: Portugal

Runner – Up: Germany

Group H (Belgium, Algeria, Russia, South Korea):

Winner: South Korea

Runner – Up: Russia


Knockout Rounds:

1. (Winner Group A) BrazilSpain (Runner-Up Group B)

2. (Winner Group C) Ivory Coast Italy (Runner-Up Group D)

3. (Winner Group B) HollandMexico (Runner-Up Group A)

4. (Winner Group D) UruguayJapan (Runner-Up Group C)

5. (Winner Group E) FranceNigeria (Runner-Up Group F)

6. (Winner Group G) PortugalRussia (Runner-Up Group H)

7. (Winner Group F) ArgentiniaSwitzerland (Runner- Up Group E)

8. (Winner Group H) South KoreaGermany (Runner-Up Group G)


A: (Winner Match 1) Brazil Ivory Coast (Winner Match 2)

B: (Winner Match 5) FrancePortugal (Winner Match 6)

C: (Winner Match 3) HollandJapan (Winner Match 4)

D: (Winner Match 7) ArgentiniaGermany (Winner Match 8)


1. (Winner Match A) BrazilPortugal (Winner Match B)

2. (Winner Match C) HollandArgentinia (Winner Match D)

3rd – 4th Playoff:

(Looser Semi 1) PortugalHolland (Looser Semi 2) –> I hope that Holland will be 3rd here

The Final:


So, these are my predictions. I think I will be quite right with them. Well, at least I hope that Japan and Holland will come as far as possible. With Germany, it will take a sad turn I guess. I am not sure how far they would come if they were Group Winner, but although I also cheer for Germany, I don’t think that they have a chance against Portugal. Something tells me that Portugal will come quite far. I still wish that Germany will do best, but something inside me tells something different. But what ever should happen, I am so excited for the matches and can’t wait for tomorrow already!

I hope you enjoyed this post.

Thanks for reading.


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