Film Review: Last Vegas


Director: Jon Turteltaub

Cast: Michael Douglas, Robert De Niro, Morgan Freeman, Kevin Kline

Aired in: November 2013

Genre: Comedy

Length: 105 min.

I quite enjoyed this movie to be honest. It is a comedy movie that I wanted to see, because of De Niro and Freeman. Also the other actors are actually known from more serious movies. That’s why I was so interested in this movie, because they all gathered to do a comedy move together. And that was also the reason I quite liked the movie. It was funny, but it was also utterly sad in the end :( I am not sure which character I liked most. They were all hilarious, and pitiful at the same time :’D

I think that the characters fit well to the actors. Douglas as the famous, rich sugar daddy whose life seems perfect, but actually he is unhappy. Then there is De Niro who still grieves about his deceased wife. Freeman’s character was a typical senior living alone with his son who is overly worried about his father’s health. And Kline’s character who is bored in his relationship with his wife. Of course, all of their life will have a turn to the positive at the end of the movie.

I am not quite sure about which scene I liked a lot. I thought it was quite funny to see how the old men struggle with new technologies :’D I also laughed a lot when I saw 50 cent in the movie :’D The scene with the transvestites was quite hilarious as well.

Final rating – 6/10: I hilarious movie, and if you are up to a comedy night with well-known actors, this should be your pick.


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