UNESCO World Heritage Sites I have visited so far.

I found this post over at larasgedankenlust and decided to do the same post as well :) Travelling belongs to one of my goals and dreams in life, and that’s why I want to include the UNESCO World Heritage Sites on my blog. Of course, I am not going to list the whole list, but you can have a look at it here.

Here is my list of all the World Heritage Sites I have visited so far:

Straßbourg – Grand île: I have been there twice; once with our french class, and the second time with my parents, my two cousins and uncle and aunt. Both times was different. When we went there with class, we particularly visited the European Parliament. The second time we made a boat trip and entered the cathedral. Unfortunatel, I don’t know where the fotos went, so I will have to take a photo from the Internet.

Image Source: whc.unesco.org

Hanseatic City of Lübeck: Well, we actually didn’t visit the city of Lübeck, but we went to the beach Timmendorfer Strand in Lübeck.


And here is another picture from the city I found on whc.unesco.org


Palaces and Parks of Potsdam and Berlin: This place was wonderful! I loved Potsdam! We went there with class as well, and it was one of the best days we spent. I can understand why it belongs to the World Heritage Sites. It looks like a fairytale place. Again I can’t find the photos. So here is another picture from whc.unesco.org


Museumsinsel Berlin: Again with class, but we didn’t go inside the museums. Just walked passed them.

Image Source: whc.unesco.org

Hierapolis – Pamukkale: We have only been to Pamukkale, and it was wonderful! It looks exactly like from another world! Unfortunately, the pictures of that year were accidentally deleted by my cousin who can’t speak any german but wanted to see our photos and thought to be able to navigate through our camera -.- And everything was GONE! It was a bitter moment. But here is a picture from wikipedia.com


Palace of Westminster and Westminster Abbey including Saint Margaret’s Church: We have been there with class, and our teacher enabled us to see so many sights in that one week. I am so thankful to her for that.


– Canterbury Cathedral, St. Augustine’s Abbey, and St. Martin’s Church: Again with class, the same trip. We went to the Cathedral and the museum which were quite interesting, and we also went to St. Augustine’s Abbey. Unfortunately, I have lost half of the pictures after my old computer burned off. So here are some pictures I found on google.



– Tower of London: The Third World Heritage we visited on that one trip. We had a guide, a beefeater how they were called :D He showed us everything, and I felt like being part in a middle age theater play :D Thank you Mrs Erlenmayer for that experience! Again, I can’t find any pictures of the Tower of London, so here is a picture I found on whc.unesco.org


So in total, I have visited 8 Unesco World Heritage Sites. That’s more than I thought, but it can get better. This year, I will visit Cologne, and with it the Cologne Cathedral. Plus, I really want to go and visit Capadoccia and the Caves there, and also want to visit Istanbul. And maybe, I can also have a boat ride over to Chios if I will have time :) I hope so!

What about you guys? Which UNESCO World Heritage Sites have you visited so far? And which ones are you planning to?

Thanks for reading!



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