Film Review: 12 Years a Slave


Director: Steve McQueen

Writers: John Ridley (Screenplay); Based on the novel by Solomon Northup.

Cast: Chiwetel Ejiofor, Lupita Nyong’o, Michael Fassbender, Benedict Cumberbatch, Brad Pitt, Paul Dano,…

Published: 16 January, 2014 (Germany)

Genre: Biography, Drama, History

Length: 134 Min.

I really was a bit afraid of watching this movie, since it deals with a topic that often makes me quite sad, so that I want to cry. And this was also the case. At the same time, I felt so much hatred against the human race for doing such brutal things… I was disgusted and had tears in my eyes. I actually try to avoid these kinds of movies. That’s also a reason why I liked Django Unchained the least from Tarantino’s movies. Most of the time, I want to watch movies, to escape reality, not to get closer to it. After watching 12 Years a Slave, my mood didn’t get better. Of course, I was expecting it, and i freely decided that I wanted to watch the movie.

Still, 12 Years a slave is a movie that doesn’t only deal with a problematic topic from the past, but also displays the great acting skills of so many known actors, as well as Newcomers. In my opinion, Lupita did fully deserve the Oscar. After the scene in which she is beaten up, my head was pumping and I had tears in my eyes. As well as with the beating scene of Solomon at the beginning. That was quite a shock for me, and I was so disgusted, and felt so much hatred inside of me. That scene really put tears into my eyes. Chiwetel did such a great job, and I think that he would have deserved an Oscar as well. I haven’t watched Dallas Buyers Club yet, so I can’t tell how good McConnaughey’s performance was, but Chiwetel’s was astonishing. And then, there was Michael Fassbender. That hot villain. I think this was the first movie from Fassbender that I saw, but I am in love with him right now. He is amazing! And hot :’D I liked everything about his character, and secretly I wish that he will change by falling in love with Patsy, maybe by protecting her or something like that :’D probably, that won’t happen, but one can wish… Another surprise was Paul Dano. I love him since “Little Miss Sunshine”, so I was very surprised to see him in this movie. He also did a great job with his character. And then, there was Cumberbatch, in a role of a kind (or rather, kinder) man. He didn’t have such a big part, but still he was quite good. The actors in this movie really did a great job and consorted well with each other indeed. Well, that was quite a big paragraph now :’D My bad!

I don’t know if I will read the book to the movie, since it deals with such a brutal topic that makes me cry every time. Still, the movie was good, and I can understand why it was being hyped so much.

Final rating – 7/10: Unfortunately, I have to subtract a few points due to the violence, but still, the actors earn a lot points, and the plot will always be a problematic one. If you have a weak soul, this might not be the right movie for you. But if you are prepared for this kind of violence, you should definitely give it a try. 


10 thoughts on “Film Review: 12 Years a Slave

  1. this movies was amazing!!!!
    Every actor did such an amazing job and the scenery was beautiful. I think all of them should have won Oscars. Michael Fassbender is gorgeous. I wish he wasn’t the bad character. He was still awesome. All of them were. great review :)


  2. I haven’t seen this yet. I have to prepare myself for this type of movie. I haven’t seen Django either for the same reason. I know if I were alive in those times I would have died due to my stubbornness and outspokenness. Good review.


      1. I have seen The Color Purple a bunch if times. I want to read the book. I’m sure tears will fall as I read it. Another good one is For Colored Girls When Rainbrows Aren’t Enough. Good book and heart wrenching movie. Read it and see it if you haven’t already.


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