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OMG I am so excited for this now! I saw this Tag on youtube at JoeyGraceffa’s channel. I am a big Harry Potter fan of course, and I actually wanted to do a post ONLY about Harry Potter since a while now. This is the best possibility now. Let’s start.

Favorite book: Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban! I love it, because a lot of things get revealed, and there are a lot of sudden turns to the plot that surprised and excited me as a reader so much that I never wanted to stop reading that book *o* And the Time Turner appears and Sirius and Lupin *o* This book is just awesome!


Favorite movie: My favorite movie was definitely the second, “Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets”. It was such a good story to be made into movie, because it had all these creatures that would be perfect in a movie, like Giant Spiders and a Basilisk that would be a great feature for the special effects part :)


Least favorite book: Of course I love each and every book of the Harry Potter series, but if I had to create a ranking, the book that would be seventh place would be “Harry Potter and Half-Blood Prince”. I know, many of you like this book a lot because this is where the story with the Horcruxes begin, but for me, it was a bit boring, because Harry spent a lot of time with those memories, and the last part in the cave was a bit boring. And I really missed that Harry’s adventure at the end is without his friends (compare: The order of the phoenix, chamber of secrets).


Parts of the books/movies that made you cry: In the movies there are quite a lot. One of them was the part in which Harry returns back with Cedric’s corpse, when Cedric’s father then begins to cry, screaming loudly in pain. Then, I ALWAYS cry at the end of the Philospher’s Stone when Neville gets his first points for Gryffindor and Gryffindor wins the house cup :’) And at the end of the Chamber of Secrets when everyone applauds Hagrid :’) Since Hagrid is one of my favorite characters, I always end up crying with a smile on my face.

For the books, it is mostly the seventh book. The story about Snape and Lilly made me cry, Hedwig’s and Dobby’s death made me cry. Somehow, I tend to cry more when watching movies than reading books.
If you could hook up with any HP character who would it be? Fred Weasley! Because he is funny and crazy.

Favorite character: Fred Weasley! Again! :D I also like Ron, because I am so similar him :D
What would your Patronus be? Probably a dog, just like Ron’s. I like dogs, and I somehow have some characteristics that also belong to dogs, like loyalty and cheerfulness. And like said before, I am quite similar to Ron.
If you could have the Resurrection Stone, Invisibility Cloak or the Elder Wand which one would you choose? The Invisibility Cloak of Course.


What House would you be in? Even Before Doing the Pottermore Test, I knew I would be in Hufflepuff :D

IF you could meet any member of the cast who would it be? Oh, that’s so hard to decide… hmmm… Matthew Lewis probably, because he is so damn hot! *o*

Have you played any of the video games? Yes, I played the Playstation 1 game to “Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone”. And I have played the Computer Game to “Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire”. I never managed to play them until the end. I liked playing Video Games, but I wasn’t such a big gamer, so I never finished them.


IF you were on the Quiddich team which position would you play? I think I would be the Keeper. The rest is way too dangerous for me :D See, another Ron Weasley characteristic :D

Were you happy with the ending? Well, I was quite happy with the ending, except for Fred’s Death. Mrs Rowling, how could you? HOW!!!??!??! Tear George apart from his other part??!?! :'( Everyone could have died, EVERYONE! Even Harry! But why did you kill Fred??? I wished you had killed Arthur Weasley in the 5th book, because as you said, you formerly wanted to kill him, but then decided to kill another Weasley… WHY??? :'(
How much does Harry Potter mean to you? t insult the Harry Potter series, or else, I will hate you forever. :’D I like it so much, that I think about a literary tattoo for the future, and I want to possess the series in all the languages I can speak (they are 6, but I will reduce it to the languages I REALLY can speak which are 3), and I will definitely inaugurate my future children into the world of Harry Potter. They better love it, or else, they will get grounded :’D


6 thoughts on “The Harry Potter Tag

  1. Omg, du schaust Joey Graceffa? Guckst du dann auch die anderen Youtuber, Zoella, Tyler Oakley, Jacksgap etc? Ich liebe die alle :D
    Ich fand Teil 1 und 3 am besten als Buch, bin nicht son Fan von den Filmen. Und das Ende hat die Harry Potter Serie für mich komplett ruiniert ㅠㅠ Vor allem der Epilog, ohne den wärs noch ok gewesen, aber das übermäßige “Happy End” Zeug, wo die Kinder nach den Verstorbenen benannt werden, hat mir überhaupt nicht getaugt :/


    1. Also ich bin eig erst gestern auf Joey Graceffa gestoßen und da hab ich auch Zoella entdeckt :D Die sind echt lustig :D
      Ich fand Teil 4 auch noch voll gut als Buch <3 Bei den Filmen fand ich 1 und 2 eig gar nicht mal so schlecht, und der 7. war eig auch ganz gut. Aber die restlichen Filme waren so naja.
      Echt? so schlimm? Ich fand den Epilog eig ganz gut weil ich endlich sehen konnte dass Hermine und Ron geheiratet haben und ich fands auch gut zu wissen was mit dem Rest geschehen ist, also Neville, Malfoy usw :) Aber Freds Tod war natürlich ein Schock für mich :/


  2. I love HP series. I actually need to finish the last 3 books. Life got busy, but I own them. I love love the movies. I own them all and watch them every time it’s on tv. Great post!


    1. Thank you :)
      Oh, you definitely have to read them as fast as possible :D When I started reading them, I actually couldn’t stop until I finished them. And I was lucky that the 6th was published, just right after I was finished reading the 5 books :)


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