Film review: Don Jon


Director: Joseph Gordon-Levitt

Stars: Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Scarlett Johansson, Julianne Moore,…

Published: 14th November, 2013

Genre: Comedy, Romance

Length: 90 min.

I really must say that I am positively surprised by Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s movie debut as a director and writer. I enjoyed this movie so much. It was hilarious and the topic is so recent that many single men can identify with the protagonist.


What I liked a lot about this movie was the turn with Julianne Moore’s character, Esther. I really expected that they would hook up, but I somehow thought that she would reveal herself as an ex-pornstar and fulfill Jon’s dream of a perfect lover or something like that :’D But it turned out to be quite different. And I really liked it, also the description of the relationship they were having at the end of the movie. It was so pure and true, yet a lot of people ignore this when being in a relationship or having sex.

A lot of people, especially men, have a different expectation of sex, namely that from porn. If she has nice ass and nice tits, then the sex has to be good. However, the sex can only be good if the soul is beautiful, not the body. Everything is superficial. And pornography is not only present in those certain movies anymore – no, it appears during our daily routine, on tv, in magazines, in books, in the radio, on advertisements, everywhere. That’s something that the movie criticizes.

However, it also criticizes people who think nobody should watch porn. Barbara’s character is the typical girlfriend who loves romantic movies, and wants to be the perfect bride to the perfect husband she controlls. That person also dislikes porn and judges men who watch it. The movie doesn’t say never to watch porn again, but it simply shows how unrealistic they are. In some way, they are a genre of movies, since hollywood action movies are fake as well.

I loved the actors and actresses in this movie, the atmosphere in the movie, the humour, the plot, and the ending. Everything was so good about this movie.

Final rating – 9/10: If you want to watch a movie that deals with a recent problem in a humorous way, and at the same time enjoy the acting skills of the hottest Scarlett Johansson, the cutest Juliane Moore, and the funniest Joseph Gordon-Levitt, then you should definitely give this movie a try.


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