Film Review: That Awkward Moment


Director: Tom Gormican

Cast: Zac Efron, Miles Teller, Imogen Poot,…

Aired in: 24th of April, 2014

Genre: Comedy, Romance

Length: 94 min

I have to say, that this movie was a better one that I saw from Zac Efron. Every movie I have watched from him so far, was utterly bad. This movie wasn’t so bad indeed. It wasn’t overly funny, but it was okay. And I like the movies of Miles Teller :’D I loved Project X and 21 and over. He is quite hilarious, I can tell, and his character was the funniest one in the movie as well :’DD Zac Efron had some hilarious moments as well, and I have to admit that he has become quite hot.

The story for itself wasn’t anything special. It was an ordinary love/romance movie with the typical types of characters in a friendship of three guys. The beautiful leader, the funny goofy guy, and the kind decent guy. Of course, there was a lot of sex in the movie, because it sells and goes well with humour. But well, that’s how it is.

Oh, and another thing that I found quite awkward was that girl, Alana or so, the beautiful brunette girl who sleeps with Zac Efron’s character. I always wondered what happened to her, because she was just the girl to have sex with. I pitied her somehow, and I think that she would have fitted well to the story. But her story was just left out. I wished to have seen more about her. And I really disliked Vera. She was a heartless bitch.

Final rating – 6/10: Well, a funny movie for in between, but no movie with real depth.


3 thoughts on “Film Review: That Awkward Moment

  1. I completely agree. I wanted to love this movie so much because everyone is going bananas for Zac Efron right now (don’t get me wrong he has the body of Greek god so I see the appeal) but none of them live up to my expectations. Oh and I totally wanted to know what happened to Alana too, its so weird when films just drop characters like that lol


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