Surprise Post

As you might remember, I promised a long time ago (actually a few weeks ago) to do a surprise post. In this surprise post I want to mention my friend Ruiqi (pronounced: Chichi) who is in South Korea right now, doing an internship. She also has a wordpress blog, and it is beautiful! You should check it out here!

Her blog started when she decided to study abroad for a year in Seoul. Now she continues with an internship at a company which publishes magazines like the Korean Harper’s Bazaar. In the meantime she changed the company. If you like reading about fashion, music, food, nice cafes, restaurants, locations, and sights in South Korea, then you should definitely check out her blog, immediately! :)

From my “real-world” friends, she is the only one who is also blogging on WordPress. Most of my friends have a blog on Tumblr, me too, by the way, but after a while I was bored by only reblogging, and wanted to write more. I then recommended Chichi to blog on WordPress to keep her experiences of South Korea. So, this is also a little “thank you” for not leaving me alone on WordPress ;D

Furthermore, I also wanted to thank her for her little presents, and the postcard lately :) It brightened up my day, even though it might just be a little letter. In my opinion, a cute writing can make someone happier than expensives gifts. Thank you again, Chichi! I am glad that I met you, and this surprise post is dedicated to you ;)

Here are some of the gifts she sent me:


A dolphin soap, pagemarker, bookmark, and exlibris

I got the letter and these cute little gifts sometime around February from her :) I was so happy, because they all looked so cute.

I used a few of the pagemarkers for the books I needed for my term paper. But not too many, because they are so cute and I don’t dare using them all up :D
This is another kind of bookmark. Quite interesting though. Never saw one like that :)
As you can see I have already used some for my boks :) It is something like a sticker or marker that you can apply inside your books so that the persons you lend the books to know that this was from you :) This is very good for me, because I love my books, and I can’t tolerate if people forget to give them back to me :D

Then, she also sent me a beautiful postcard from Harper’s Bazaar around March.


I really was happy about this postcard and her kind words :) Thanks again!

I could also post more photos from earlier times (2 years ago, hoho), but then the post would be too long. Maybe I will do another post like this soon. Until then, keep on liking and commenting on her blog and feel free to follow her :)

Thanks for reading!


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