Film Review: Frozen


YES!!! I have finally watched Frozen on Friday! And I looooveeeed it!!! I now understand why it has been hyped all these months (Okay, I means, it is a Disney movie). I can even say that it is one of the best Disney Movies already, because it was so tearjerkingly sad, but at the same time laugh-out-loudly funny :’D I loved the whole story, and now I really want to read all the fairytales from Hans Christian Andersen and also the ones from The Brothers Grimm. As a child I had a fairytale book, so I know some others as well, but most of them, I already forgot. Also, those books were kids editions, and I want the real ones (although the kids editions are cute and easy to read).

Back to the movie, I loved Olaf and Elsa! One of them being the funniest in the whole movie, and the other one the saddest. I laughed so hard at the scene in which Olaf appears for the first time :’D I could rewatch that scene over and over again. The funny thing is, I once did a character quiz for Frozen, and I got Olaf :’D Elsa was just so heartbreaking, especially the scene at the end of the movie was so sad, I had tears in my eyes :'( Although I disliked Anna throughout the whole movie, I really liked her at the end of it :’) so beautiful and sad!

I liked it that it is not the prince (or in this case, the man) who saves the girl, but it is the sister, or rather, both sisters saving each other. It was a different kind of Disney movie, with two princesses, that’s why I liked it so much.

And I really loved the songs as well! They were amazing, and “Let it Go” was so beautiful! No wonder it got an Oscar.

Final rating – 9/10: One point minus for the abrupt intrigue of Prince Hans. I had expected something different. But yet, it wasn’t that bad.


12 thoughts on “Film Review: Frozen

          1. No, I do that very often as well :) I just don’t want to waste my time too much with watching a movie or reading a book I don’t like. Which is quite controversial because I spend so much time reading about reviews :’DD


  1. I haven’t seen this film yet. This is the second time in three days that someone has mentioned this film, and also raved about how good it was. I’ll have to check this one out soon. Thanks for the review!


  2. Oh man, this movie is EVERYWHERE! I’ve seen it a few times now and I have to say I still have mixed feelings about it… It was definitely a good movie, but I don’t really understand all the craze over it. I felt the story had quite a few holes or was somewhat underdeveloped. The characters were also confusing, especially Elsa and Hans. I did absolutely love Olaf, however, and I thought Anna was a great, very realistic character! Plus, it was great that the princesses didn’t have to rely on any princes!! :)


    1. Yes, I also thought that Hans was quite a strange character. I think if one reads the original fairytale from Hans Christian Andersen, one will notice a lot of different things. I haven’t read it, but I know that it is quite a long one :D But still, it is a question about taste :) And I liked it better than Tangled or Kiss the Frog.


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