Bout of Books Readathon Last Day


So today is the last day of the Boutofbooks Readathon, and my reading progress wasn’t that remarkable I have to admit. I have only finished one book in one week, making a total of 242 pages. That’s quite a few. I am a bit disappointed that I couldn’t read so much, but during the week I am always busy with uni, and the only time I can read is during the train rides, of course only when I don’t meet any friends or people I know with whom I am supposed to speak. But at least, I could participate at one Challenge yesterday which was the authorlove challenge :) That was very nice. I have posted a nice saying about J.K. Rowling on my twitter account.

I have finished The Strange Case of Billy Biswas on Thursday evening. On Friday and Saturday I haven’t read a word, because I also wanted to watch a movie (Frozen it was!) and went shopping yesterday. Blog posts about these days are following.

I could have begun reading the next Arun Joshi book on friday, but I didn’t because I still have about 3 weeks until we begin discussing it at uni, and the book only has about 140 pages. That’s an easy read I guess.

Well, although I have read a few books lately, I promise to catch up, especially with my tbr pile. I am thinking about filling up a tbr jar or a box or someething like that. I think that’s going to be fun :)

Thanks for reading!


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