Bookstores, Restaurants and Frozen Yoghurt

Yesterday, I went to Stuttgart with my sister to shop around a little bit. Actually, we wanted to go to a bar to drink some cocktails, but somehow, we totally forgot about it and ended up at the turkish restaurant in the end :’D How stupid we are.

First, we looked around at H&M and Zara, but we only bough some little things at H&M. Then I wanted to go to the big bookstore called Hugendubel which is actually a mixture of bookstore, cafe and library. Well, you can’t actually lend books, but you can take books from the shelves and read them on some comfy, red sofas, for hours if you want. I love that book store, it is so nice! And there is also a cafe upstairs where you can have some snacks or a coffee :)

Well, I almost always visit that shop, but yesterday, there was a reason why I wanted to go inside. The night before, I dreamed that I read the first two A Game of Thrones books in ONE DAY! Because they were so exciting obviously. Of course that’s a ridiculous dream, because who the heck reads over 1000 pages in one day? :’D However, I somehow couldn’t stop thinking about that dream and wanted to check out the first book in the series. Because I was so unsure about the writing style of that book, I couldn’t decide whether to buy the books or lend them somehwere or from someone. So I picked the first book and sat down on one couch to read a few pages. The writing style of the first few pages isn’t that bad actually, and I like it that the chapters are divided into characters (from which there are a lot in the series I heard), so one can have an overview over whose point of view it is right now.


It slowly got quite hot in the book shop, and my sister got very hungry, so we headed for a restaurant. At first, we wanted to a restaurant called Dean&David, but there, they ran out of rice and could only offer salads and sandwiches/wraps. So we left and went to a turkish restaurant called Sultan Saray. I also spent my birthday there, and the food was amazing! This time, it was excellent as well. I ordered a vegetable dish, gratinated with chese *o* Heaven! And my sister got chicken fillet filled with spinach which had fries as a garnish. Yummy!


After that we concluded the day with a frozen yoghurt.

How was your satuday? And what do you think of George R.R. Martin’s A Game of Thrones series? Should I buy them or lend them?

Thanks for reading!


2 thoughts on “Bookstores, Restaurants and Frozen Yoghurt

    1. I have bought the first book now, but I can’t begin with it yet because I have begun another series before that, and I still have to read a book for uni :/ But I will start as soon as possible :)


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