Korean Parties and German Men

On saturday, I went to the Korean studies party at our university. A few of my friends study korean, so they invited me. I also brought my tandem partner, a chinese girl from America, Abby is her name. She is very nice and funny, and she is also as clumsy and crazy as I am :’D I just met her last week on Monday, and already look forward spend more time with her in the next few months.

At 9 pm we arrived at the faculty, and half an hour later the buffet was opened. It was soooo yummy!!! They had some korean dishes as well: Kimbap and Bulgogi. I also tried another dish from Abby, because I was afraid that it would be too spicy, but it actually wasn’t. However, I was already served quite good with the rest of the dishes. Here is my plate:


After the food, we drank and chatted with with friends, and also met new people.

From top left to bottom right: Anna, a foreign student from China. Next to her is Abby. Down on the left is Yong Il from South Korea. next to her is me. And next to me is my friend Yen :’D
From left to right: My friend Rapha, Me, Abby, and Yen

I drank Soju for the first time on that day. It is a famous licquor drank in South Korea. For me, it tasted exactly like Vodka. No difference at all! :D

After the korean party we decided to go to the student bar to dance a little bit. We danced a little bit, and after my friend Yen left at about 2.30 am and we also left at about 3 am. I went to Abby and stayed at hers for 1 or 2 hours because I had to wait for my train.

While we talked, I totally forgot the time, because we had an interesting topic to discuss: The difference between American and German men, or in short, how strange german guys are.

Abby told me that in America, it was the norm that guys approach girls, or make the first move when it comes to kissing. She asked me how it is here in Germany, since she often got the feeling that the men were too passive here. I laughed and told her that it was normal here that girls make the first move to approach a guy. She was shocked, and I had to laugh more. I told her that many guys here expect the girls to make the first move for a kiss for example. Men scarcely make the first move – maybe at parties when they are drunk -, and all of this is probably because of those damn feminists. Because of them, men try to respect women, and avoid always seeing them as an object of lust. However, there are different kinds of possibilities to approach girls. By all means, one doesn’t have to grab her ass or to make a nasty comment for that. One can do it in a more gentle way as well. Girls actually like it when they get attention from guys, and come on, how awkward is it when the girl has to stretch up to the guy to kiss him – or imagine! Take his head into her heads in order to do that. How effing stupid that would look. And how effing stupid it actually feels like… I can tell from my experiences I had with german guys that I didn’t feel like a woman at all when I had to make the first move to kiss someone. As though the gender roles had been switched completely. Then why shouldn’t the women just dress up as men, and the men as women?? That will probably be the next idea of a crazy feminist! 

Well, I actually didn’t want to insult feminists by this passage. I just wanted to make clear the differences. Of course, there are also german guys often making the first move, but most of the time they probably have a non-german background, for example Italian, Croatian, or Turkish and so on. Most of the time, german men are lazy in trying to conquer a woman. And anyone who experienced anything different should please comment here tell me in which part of Germany those exotic creature are to be found.

Of course Abby was quite upset after hearing this, and didn’t want to believe it :’D Well, I had to endure all of this laziness all my 22 years… What can I say! Probably only one thing: Make the first move, guys! You automatically rise up in the perception of a girl if you do so.

Well this was some post :D It got a little bit out of control, but I still hope it is enjoyable.

Thanks for reading!


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