Cute things come from South Korea

Yesterday, I ate lunch with my two friends Yen and Rapha at the Uni cafeteria. It was nice to have lunch with them after my presentation. My friend Rapha then gave me a cute little present she brought for me from South Korea. Here it is :)


It is a hand cream and the package is soooo cute!!!! The two leaves on top of the squirrel can be used as a protection for your smartphone’s earphones plug-in. Such a nice idea from my friend! I was so happy that my friend thought about me :) Thanks to her again, it is so cute!!! This is how it looks like on my phone :)



I had to edit that sticker on the picture, because the color has come off my phone case. It wouldn’t look so good. This way, it looks like the cactus is having a flower on top :’D I need a new phone case immediately. I have found some nice cases on Etsy, even Harry Potter cases. I have to get them as soon as possible :) Or at least on time for the Harry Potter Exhibition Tour in Cologne I am going to in October :D I have gotten the ticket today. WUAAH!! I AM SO EXCITED!!!


Here you can find dates for the Exhibition tour.

And here is a video about the Tour :O I AM SOOO EXCITED!!! I AM GOING TO CRY!!!!!

You will be sorted by the sorting hat, you can play Quidditch, and there is a surprise with Weasley’s Wizardring Articles!!! *o* I just can’t wait anymore!!!

Okay, enough freaking out for today. But you can look forward for another cute post I was planning since February now :)

Thanks for reading!


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