A-Z Challenge Day 30: Z like Zarvos Marcelo, Zaz, Zed’s Dead,

Today is unfortunately the last day of this challenge. It went by so fast! I can’t believe it! Today, I will post some of my favorite Z-letter artists. Let me first tell you that I had quite some difficutlies with finding any artists with Z that I actually liked. To be honest I don’t kow them so well. But, let’s just begin and see what comes out :)

1) Zarvos Marcelo


Birth Name: Marcelo Uchoa Zarvos

Born in: 1969. Sao Paulo, Brazil.

Genre(s): Classic

Discography: Dualism (1994), Labyrinths (1997), Music Journal (2000)

I know Zarvos from the movie Remember Me with Robert Pattinson. The movie was so sad and beautiful. I cried at the end. And the music contributed to it quite a lot. If you want to listen to his beautiful music, here you go:


Other Songs I like: Wake Up Call, Remember Me, …

2) Zaz:


Birth Name: Isabelle Geffroy

Born in: 1 May, 1980. Tours, Paris.

Genre(s): Jazz, Chanson

Discography: ZAZ (2010), Recto Verso (2013)

Of course everyone knows her song Je Veux, which was a super hit about 3 years ago. I loved that song. It will always remind me of the easiness of my summer holidays :) Here is a nice song of her.

On ira

Other Songs I like: Je veux, Comme ci comme ca, La fete, …

3) Zed’s Dead:


Members: DC, Hooks

Formed in: 2009. Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

Genre(s): Bass music, dubstep, drumstep, drum and bass, electro house, glitch

Discography: Rudeboy (2010), Adrenaline (2012), Victor EP (2012), The Living Dead (2012), Hot Sauce (2013)

I don’t know from where I know this electro duo, but they are named after a phrase from my all-time favorite movie Pulp Fiction. I know that this duo has an awesome sound. It is nice to party to, but also to chill to, or even to study :) Of course, there are typical features of dubstep to it, but also some glitch elements which are good to dance to. I actually like it. It has its own voice. Here is an example.


Other Songs I like: Hit Me, Oh No,…

This letter went by so fast today. It was the final, and one of the most difficult letters for this challenge. I have to admit that I don’t regularly listen to any of those artists mentioned here. I used to listen to Zarvos’ OST for Remember Me very often, and I really likee Zaz’s song. Zed’s Dead is quite new for me, so I can say that I quite seldom listen to those artists.

What are your favorite Z-letter artists?

Before I say goodbye, here is a wrap-up of my favorite artists I mentioned in the Challenge:

– A:

Adele, A$AP Rocky, Azealia Banks

– B:

Beach House, Blood Red Shoes, The Black Keys

– C:

Coldplay, Crystal Castles, The Cure

– D:

Daft Punk, Drake, The Dead Weather, The Doors

– E:

Ellie Goulding, Elvis Presley, Empire of the Sun

– F:

Florence and the Machine, Foals, Frank Ocean

– G:

Gold Panda, Grimes, Grouplove

– H:

Hans Zimmer, HIM, Hurt,

– I:

Imagine Dragons, Imogen Heap, Incubus

– J:

Jack White, Jay-Z, Jhene Aiko

– K:

Kanye West, Kendrick Lamar, The Kills

– L:

Lana del Rey, Lorde, Lykke Li

– M:

Marina and the Diamonds, Massive Attack, M.I.A., MGMT

– N:

Nas, N.E.R.D., Nirvana

– O:

Oasis, Omarion, Outkast

– P:

Phantogram, Placebo, The Prodigy

– Q:

Queen, Queens of the Stone Age

– R:

Raconteurs, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Ryan Leslie

– S:

Santigold, The Smiths, Swedish House Mafia

– T:

Tame Impala, Temper Trap, Thieves Like Us

– U:

U2, Underworld, Usher

– V:

Vampire Weekend, The Velvet Underground, The Vines

– W:

The Weeknd, The White Stripes, Wolfmother

– X:

The xx, XXYYXX

– Y:

Yann Tiersen, Yeah Yeah Yeahs

– Z:

Zarvos Marcelo, Zaz, Zed’s Dead


Thanks for reading! :) Hope to be able to participate in this challenge again next year :)


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