A-Z Challenge Day 28: X like The XX, xxyyxx,

Today, we have the letter X for the Challenge, and I am so excited for this letter already :) It is actually a letter which doesn’t have so many bands or words. I also have only 2 bands for this letter, but they are quite enough, because they are so awesome!!! Before I digress, let’s begin!

1) The xx:


Members: Romy Madley Craft (Vocals, Guitar), Oliver Sim (Vocals, Bass Guitar), Jamie Smith (Drums), [past member: Baria Qureshi (Keyboard, Guitar)]

Formed in: 2005. London, England.

Genre(s): Indie pop, Electronica, Dream Pop,

Discography: xx (2009), Coexist (2012)

I LOVE The XX! They belong to my favorite bands now. Their music is like in a dream, just as the genre suggests :D Their music eases my soul, and either makes me light as a feather, or brings tears into my eyes. Both, Romy’s and Oliver’s voices are beautiful. Romy’s voice is soft and smooth. Oliver’s is deep and throaty. But those both voices couldn’t fit any better. Great band! I hope they will remain together for a long time and continue making music in the future :) Here, you have something for your ears:


Other songs I like: Infinity, Fantasy, Sunset, Heart skipped a Beat, Tides, Fiction, Crystalized, Night Time, Islands, …

2) xxyyxx:


Birth Name: Marcel Everett

Born in: October 31, 1995. Orlando, Florida.

Genre(s): Electronic, hip hop, trip hop, future garage, experimental, lo-fi, chillwave, ambient

Discography: Still Sound (2011), XXYYXX (2012), Mystify (2012)

This artist is amazing! He is quite a newcomer and still very young (OMG 18??!?!? I am getting oooold!!!). His music is original, but fits quite to the music scene of today. It has many electronic and hip hop/trip hop elements in it. I would consider this kind of music as chillwave. I love these kinds of new genres, the so-called Hipster-genres. In my opinion, the hipster hype is the less annoying hype when compared to Emos or baggy-pants-gangsters :’D I love xxyyxx. His music is original and unpredictable. Here is an example:

About You

Other songs I like: Alone, Fields, DMT, …

And we have come to yet another end of a letter post. I had big fun with this one. I love both artists which both can be considered as newcomer bands.

What are your most favorite x-letter artists? Do you share the same as me?

Thanks for reading!


14 thoughts on “A-Z Challenge Day 28: X like The XX, xxyyxx,

  1. I don’t know any of these. I did like Xscape when they were a group back in the 90s. They broke up years ago. I can’t think of any others.


  2. Coming to say hey on your blog!!! This is such a cool tag. You made a great point by highlighting all of the emerging genres like chillwave. A lot of people are just writing them off as fads but there are some amazing artists making fresh sounds like XXYYXX :)


  3. Old?! I’m way older than you and feel old at the mention of a 25 year old singer! Thank you for introducing me to some new artists this month πŸ˜‰


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